Friday, August 14, 2009

The Corporation

Moral: Wherein we take a foundational approach here, in the beginning, having now touched, albeit briefly, on markets and labor (the core).


There are many other things to consider which we will from a first principles viewpoint. One question is, whose first principles?

Well, let's now take the Corporation (please). What exactly is this? Well, folks, please remember that this thing is new to us (relatively speaking) and that it has been more problematic than not. How? Well, bloating fat cats, polluting the environment, desiccating the population (you know, collective leeches), running amok amongst the hapless, and much more. Oh, someone may argue, they're for profit; well, there is such a thing as a non-profit corporation; too, we can run the economy with those who are not money addicts (see Comments: The idea is that we could drive finance (liquidity, et al) using a non-profit framework and volunteers. Yes, we'll discuss that further. Are the Grassos, et al essential (not talking function, talking the notion of entitlement to the beans)?).

We'll address each of these.

You see, the Corporation is an entity and, as such, acts which implies behavior. We know that some can claim to be good 'corporate citizens' or is that debatable?

The fact is that some type of rules of mature corporate behavior needs to be established. Ethics has failed in this regard.

Why focus on behavior? Well, Miss Manners might be interested or we can expect a new Emily Post.

Another fact, corporations are largely infantile (see the Labor and laborers post). How can I say this? Well, has not the modus operandi been to find a teat, suck it dry, and then find another, seemingly ad infinitum?

Okay, some might be more of an adolescent in their motives and means. Yet, the world needs mature corporations, if they are to play the positive role.

That is, they need to get away from those attributes best exemplified by Alexander the Great or by the prevailing view of science fiction. Destruction is fast and easy; it's construction and positive embellishments that the world desperately needs.

Now, our problem is that the monies have drained the way of the corporation and its cronies, like into an aneurysm. Then, we have public officials who cannot refrain from being enticed by the buck.

Sorry state of affairs, except that we could probably find little green shoots (thanks, Ben?) that point toward a better way. At least, the web can allow the necessary discussion and a gathering place for ideas related to maturing.

Oh wait, has anything on the web really done more than just encourage sophomoric ways? Ah, that's not fair. Just look at this forum, provided for and funded by Google, as an example of which there are many.

Well, let's switch to another context, dealing with the law that allows corporations to think that they are given the rights of a person. Actually, this personhood thing coming up just validates the metaphor used above; yes, immature behavior and worse is what we real persons have to endure from those in fat-cat-ville.


12/05/2012 -- Nice to know that Coase's view agrees with mine, somewhat.

09/21/2011 -- On Wealth and the CEO MVP.

04/03/2011 -- Need to look at some background. Too, tranche and trash

01/03/2011 -- Ah yes, now there are demands. The question remains: what growth other than the pockets of these types?

11/01/2010 -- von Mises' thinking applies here.

04/27/2010 -- Need to add the political set of truths, such as cat and mouse.

01/27/2010 -- The matter is now settled. We can treat Corporations as citizens!!

01/07/2010 -- We need to look at capitalism, closely.

12/19/2009 -- Dead peasant, indeed.

12/10/2009 -- More roles include the consumer and the economy.

12/08/2009 -- Consider current CEOs in relation to Paul. Not fair? Well, these guys/gals have set themselves upon some supposed plane that is above the rest of us.

10/29/2009 -- Bankers, Lawyers, Corporatists, Economists, and more. Roles abound.

09/07/2009 -- Labor Day.

08/17/2009 -- We also have to consider roles for the corporation: money pile generator, ...

08/16/2009 -- The list of corporation types is large. We'll have a continuing list here: the press, ...

08/15/2009 -- The discussion needs to differentiate types of corporations. Some are problematic by definition (financial, banking, ...). Others try hard, like some, but not all, of the legal. Also, realize that Corporations do not encompass the heroic: military, police, fire, medical, ..., even when they're the out-sourcee. This really remains to be seen, folks.

Modified: 12/05/2012

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