Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Cosmology of business

Moral: Wherein we start anew; after all, at some (near future) point, we'll have post-Ben's largesse.


Foreword: A cosmology? Yes, think of those dealing our questions about Nature and our part of it. The normal progression, as humans, is toward thinking about why rather than the how. Fortunately, only a few move toward the spaces of abstract'd nonsense, yet we do get little nuggets from that interest from time to time that is exploited, for better or for worse (we'll go into this, too). So, from this rarefied view, one sees a lots of prancing around like a guru, or more humble presentations that express the necessary awe, or even some views that if they were expressed on Main street would get one institutionalized (oh wait, many of these characters are part of our grandest of institutions -- but, you get the drift).

Which then brings in business which is an extreme form of opportunism. As thinking people know, there is business as it is and business at it could be (ought to be, several connotations of all of this are problematic). Our banes from this whole set of endeavors? Well, human nature is one, but we can learn to lean toward sustainability, in the longer run. There are many more (we'll get into this, too). Must mention one, though: business as is provides a firmament for the "Jamie" types of the world to shine (ah, as if we're to be bedazzled). Having written, have to almost juxtapose here and mention Golden Sacks (lots of mentions of them). When I feel comfortable with them as a wonder poster boy, they throw out a new wrinkle: support for mini-loans (changing spots?).

Not that there haven't been thoughts expressed about what we'll cover, that is, theories abound (economic, financial, etc.). Many of these are considered to be classical. But, with the advent of the 21st century, we can now do a re-look. And, there have been re-looks; none have the flavor to be expected to be expounded here.

The word: There has been some effort at preliminaries the past few years. For instance, the series dealing with capitalism is apropos. Too, Ben has been an interesting subject, though we couch things more in terms of post-Ben, than not. Things will get technical, from time to time (more than to date). Ca-pital-sino, as a concept, will be updated.

Aside (we'll have lots of these): As we all know, OKC had a natural event which was tragic. These happen; people, and their economy, pick themselves up, clean up, and go on with their lives (perhaps, learning something). It's been that way for the duration of mankind's existence. And, we all help. We ought to expect it. Like the National Guard being called for security, etc. Too, we have government agencies. Which, by the way, can be cut. Yet, our responses to these tragedies ought to have high priority. There was a case of a business being hit by a tornado, suffering damage, but recovering in the matter of a weekend with no loss in their work flow (not excessive damage, and no machinery was put out of commission - a hit, nevertheless). One paper showed some Congressional members talking about the largess (overly) give storm victims. Yet, we have now five (count 'em) years of largess to business (of certain types) with no end in sight. Yes, largess to the business buddies is find; forget the little people (who loom larger than many think, we shall show). You see, what is intended with the cosmological view is very much timely.

Afterthoughts: Speaking of time, what is the schedule of this grand undertaking? Well, it has already started and will continue. The comments, earlier, about PTIME apply (half in jest). We will be challenging the views of those who have misused our prowess; that is, all sorts of incidents lurk; some of these can be talked about in the sense of the existence of singularities. Think of it this way. It's okay for the likes of Roger Penrose, (no criticism of the guy; his take on cyclic cosmology resonates) and others, to talk about their statistical studies. Why? They wouldn't have anything without that type of manipulations. Besides, it allows them to be pseudo-scientific in regards to observation and measurement. Also, what they work with are various measure of things that go back to natural phenomena. But, for business types to think that they can rest useful (beyond exploitation, okay?) arguments on similar techniques is way off base. And, to then run things by computation is way out of line. We'll show this (patience - we're not after helping people grow their pocket size).


Brief start; it'll continue. It's interesting that the D.O.W. and its companions lost footing after Ben spoke. If only it was due to those in the game considering things wisely. Rather, the slippery slope titled a little. No doubt, we'll see Ben rush to their rescue (that is, pick things up, check the training wheels, etc.) within the next few days.


08/28/2013 -- Cosmology has been mentioned several times in post this year: Transitions, Zeno in the modern context, Ben and the taper, and others. We will get  back to this topic and build constructively from principles.

06/05/2013 -- Singularities (understanding how and why these arise, how to manage) will be of extreme importance. Hint: related to computability but concerned more with what might be termed "vertigo" (subtle, yet not).

05/30/2013 -- We have several themes to address, not the least of which is the growing computational hell that may very well be exacerbated by outhousing.

Modified: 08/28/2013

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