Saturday, April 27, 2013

Social business

Moral: Wherein we continue the pause (last week, WSJ) and consider a USA Today interview.


Ben has been for the big guys, we all know. Too big to fail is how some of these guys are characterized. This, as if we need to bail them out time and again no matter their infatuation with moral hazards.

Too, is Ben's time short? He's not gracing the Tetons with his presence this year? Will they recover from the slight?


It was refreshing to read this interview with Muhammad Yunus. He got a Nobel Peace Prize for his work in showing another way to do business. The fact that he was dealing with supremely poor people and that he pioneered "micro-loans" is of interest. 

yunusYunus suggests that business can have some social focus versus that of pure profit motive. Where the latter came from (greed, profit, ...) and why it takes so much of our attention, we'll have to look at. But, the sacrificing of the common good to the benefit of the few (all sorts of ways to discuss this) cannot a sustainable economy make.

Yunus has brought his concepts to locations here, too, in the land of the free and the brave. Why was he needed for this type of thing to happen?

It's almost as if we have to import our conscience, given that the country's business leaders have descended to having no interest except for the pursuit of money. And, the finance industry's drive in this manner, raking in their supposed profits, is well-known.

We can very well drive the whole thing with a flavor of community service and utility.


05/09/2013 -- Ben needs to take off the training wheels and let the markets go where they may (falling mode, most likely) and let the seniors have a little stability (Slapped silly, again, yesterday).

05/06/2013 -- Yunus as saint, comparatively?

Modified: 05/09/2013

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