Saturday, September 18, 2021


A neologism has hit the news: Bezoism. I was late getting to a recent WSJ weekend edition where the article was covered. However, it is old as Bezos, himself, uses it (blog on GitHub). Notice, the whole of the Deep Learning paradigm's offerings where we can, at last, get real about how technology is ruining our lives. Bezos ought to be thanked for playing his role which we can analysis (way more than 'deep' learning every could). 

Definition found at another blog: 

Managerial "Bezos-ism": The Basis For How Amazon Wrings Productivity From Workers - And the Template Is Spreading

Wait, this is new: Arriving today

Gosh, for me, this is another Rip Van Wrinkle thing. These have always been due to some shenanigans of business, usually related to financial mischief. 

Disclosure: Never bought anything via Amazon. Skirt around their site when on the web as much as I can. Have looked at a page or two with respect to ratings of products. Mostly wondered what motivated this form of mischief which is not sustainable and is so much a poster boy for how things ought not be. 

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Saturday, January 2, 2021

MIT Sloan

Moral: Wherein we start the new year by looking to Boston (well, Cambridge). 

They gave us a gift: 737MAX: A Failure of Management, not just Technology. You know, I've waited 15 years for this. 

FEDaerated came out of watching the FED and the economy using Boeing as a basis given the breadth of its coverage, especially dealing with technology. 

We will be going into how the computer is the main source for the confusion that we see. Another? SciFi and its addling of the human brain.  

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Tuesday, December 29, 2020

2020 begone

Moral: Wherein we muse about the tomorrows. 

Lots of themes pending. The U.S. FED just pulled out all stops and placed us in unknown territory that's even more remote than where Ben/Janet left us. Which is okay, as things will pull out. Will we learn the necessary lessons?

So, with the proverbial punt down the road, we'll let the year end. 

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Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Status, again

Moral: Wherein we point to the fact of not being lazy. 

This theme is central to about all the the world of business does. However, we have even more going on than the last go-around (2008).  

For now, here are pointers to current work is being done:

  • Quora - started here in July of 2015. The decline in posting at blogs is associated with this move which has been very interesting in its effects. Quora covers the bases. There have been several answers given that pertain to this subject. 
  • Thomas Gardner Society, Inc. - what is gets more attention is our blog which has been in action during a decade of work in which we are always learning. This focus is on the 400 years of American history including the century plus that preceded the Revolution. 
  • GitHub - where the technical mind can get refreshed. Might have a code focus but is used, too, for managing complex data systems.  
  • Others - 

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Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Trying times

Moral: Wherein we see the world for what it is. 

So, we are back to management by the seat-of-the-pants, again. That is, from the point of view of economics. On the last downturn, Ben was very creative, leaving us things unreckoned with still with his QE and like.

However, this time, we have a real emergency on hand. The medical part of the economy is being expected to pick up the pieces. That is, almost work miracles with limited resources. They and other essential workers are free to go to work. And, we know, that's not any type of vacation.

While the rest of us cool our heels. I have been busy. We are at the 1st day of the 5th week where I am with no known date for when we might be free. But, even that freedom will have new costs associated with it. The huge one is that testing is only of the time. Walk out the door, and one might get exposed, again.

So, these are a few thoughts to be discussed, further.
  • What portends this for that loosey-goosey life associated with globalization? Well, we have mentioned the obvious diminishing of quality (yes, a litany here in this blog a few places). That was seen long ago. They were cutting supply chains, too closely. And, a number of others things were wrong. So, we'll go back over the last ten years and review. 
  • Oh yes, this time, it's different. Well, perhaps not. As, those last two downturns were related to various types of mischief. This is, too, in the sense of being obtuse to the max. So much to discuss with this topic. 
  • One of them? The internet. Some one noted that the drop of that dream of free modes might have been a good thing given the turmoils associated with the huge demands now being seen. Oh yes, a new world, that's for sure. Again, we noted that we need structure on the internet. Lots to discuss. That discourse will be both technical and from the proper overview. 
  • ... 
Savers are still being flayed. The Fed guy saw to that. For what? The ca-pital-sino can continue to fill pockets of the rich while the hapless suffer and distract us from the real work? As well, We are spending money, supposedly backed by debt. Gosh. Forever debt? Who is going to pay for all of this largess going on? Besides, before now, students were up to their necks in debt, businesses were playing fancy and free with taking on debt, the ca-pital-sino was saying, our bank is open, suckers, come in and use your debt to play silly games. Need I go on?

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Thursday, March 12, 2020

New day

Moral: Wherein we look at the world while it turns. 

We used that concept before, in another whole context. But, it was in 2008 (and in 2012). We have that, again. That is, we're at 2020 and no better off than before. That is the economy with respect to some mode of stability.

So today, we saw a large drop after a few others. This? Despite, the FED meddling. Yes, they took the little pittance away from we, the savers. A lingering story just awaiting a closer look.

Notice something about this blog? It was fairly consistently active until 2015. What happened then? Quora is what happened. I started there in July. By October, I wrote about the First Quarter at Quora. The focus there is broader as is the whole of the dynamic. Either you like it, or you do not. For me, it has been an interesting journey which can be described further. Relates to technology and to how we get hype (say AI?).

Same goes for finance and economics. So, we're back to this as the time is right.

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03/12/2020 -- On Quora, 1st use of the co-link: The NY Fed is pumping trillions into the Stock Market. How does this benefit Americans?; 2nd use of the co-link: The other day Larry Kudlow claimed that America had tried helicopter money before and it didn't work - what was he referring to and are we sure it wouldn't work in the current situation we're in?

10/27/2020 -- Trying to recover our moral. 

Friday, January 3, 2020

Summary, 2019

Moral: Wherein we gloss over matters. 

This year, we had the 737 Max in the spotlight. So many business themes relate to that. We'll be back.

List of 2019 posts.

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