Lords and serfs

Context: Remnants out of the past

Are kings out of that duo? Nope. However, many of the "kingship" issues that we see revolve around roles (which those in the power seat seem to forget - ah, George Washington stepped down, a fact for which we ought to be eternally grateful).
  • Lords - the best and brightest, many times, either in such a state by themselves (own effort) or as deemed, or given, by others, say parents. These are the cream of the earth upon whom all blessings descend? 
  • Serfs (in a sense, say suckers) - the residue (as you see, the best and brightest are of a small subset - it is a bifurcation that is far from any type of balance) who can be layered, themselves, not unlike the caste systems of old. For some, it might be that nature dropped the ball. For many more, it's the nurture side that was deficit. Of course, that statement compresses a whole lot of argument and rhetoric to a simple choice method. 
Now, in many cases, neither of these sets were allowed a choice. Too, we have to look at the big middle. It is actually larger than some might imagine; and, the existence of the others on the continuum (thinking of those two (lord/serf) above as polar opposites) is our saving grace.

Meritocracy? Some aspects of that are interesting. Rather, though, it is the spirit of the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution about which we speak and of which we ought to be aware (ah, from a scholarly sense, sheesh, give us a break - poets know more).

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