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On 12/17/2014, a headline said: Yellen is the last chance for the bulls (using chimera says that, perhaps, there are other beasts to invoke - binary is such a constrained logic). Saying, as you know, her goo-goo talk will allow them some thought of continuing largess by the FED.

At the same time, though, savers are still being slapped silly and flayed.

Ca-pital-sino? Where the bulls roam. Let's talk, as opposed to this, of finance as being a utility. And, the roles would then be more craft.

Yes, Jamie, your behemoth is not necessary to a sustainable economy.

  • Ca-pital-sino - coined in this post (January 26, 2010) The ideological errors of capitalism III - Shell games 
  • Near zero - related term (some one always pays; fat cats of the world need to see the pain and suffering of the masses - sheesh - a problem for 1000s of years - yet, this hodge-podge of a financial system is seen as the epitome - of what?)
  • ...

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