Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Corporation II

Moral: Wherein we look at the recent decision about Corporate person hood and consider the positive angles.


It is very interesting, this new twist on Corporate person-hood. Though it may not sit well to accept this (from whence, their soul?), the big legal guys (and gals) have told us what to think, that is, what the 'legal' notion ought to be.

There may be some benefits, if we adopt the proper perspective.

We can now apply moral arguments to Corporations, which means, from our common basis as Americans, more than just mere ethics!! We, the people, have as much constitutional right as do those behemoths (and their executive pilferers - now we can tell it like it is).

Consider: Yes, Corporation, quit being a bully (you see, it applies to them not treating their employees as chattel). Oh, Corporation, did you wash behind your ears (applies to their antics of not realizing their citizen-hood's responsibilities as required of adults)? Oh, stop the tantrum, Corporation (ah, yes, now CEOs can no longer play the role of Lordly Prince, as it's unconstitutional)! Oh, Corporation, gambling again (as a friend, I need to tell you that you're addicted to filthy lucre - and power)?

We ought to love this, folks.

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