Monday, January 3, 2011

Roadmap for Growth

Moral: Wherein we stop to look at what's being offered by the Business Roundtable in order to better continue discussion of the ideological basis for capitalism and to try to introduce what is necessary - a Magna Carta equivalent to dampen these people's enthusiasm for exploitation.


In particular, a good place to start is the recent Roadmap for Growth (see commentary by The Economist). They're actually talking 'better-paying jobs for American workers' as if that is of prime concern to them.

Well, let's see, they do talk ethics (under the guise of Public Trust). A search on the site brought up 100 hits. I'll have to poke around and see if this effort was mostly a 'paper tiger' over the past 3 decades. A whole lot of negative business stuff has passed under the bridges during the their time. I don't recall any hand slaps by these guys/gals (mutual admiration society?) on those who are malfeasant.

Too, these are those who run things (the set that takes oodles of pay as given). But, they do deserve an unbiased reading of their material. Also, they exemplify the top-down view. As we all know, truth is middle-out with a heavy taste of the bottom.

Anyway, it'll be fun to look further at all of this stuff.


The Economist says that these are the big boys of the conservative bent. There is the Chamber of Commerce, too, who collects those of the more normal size. We need to consider their take, to boot.


Needless to say, the point here is that there are those of sufficient talent, with appropriate aptitudes (and probably better attitude) about simple living, and with deep concerns for business ethics and for the well-being of the planet (and its inhabitants), and so forth who can do as well as (perhaps, even better than) this favored crowd in all matters except for a few. For instance, preening, being catered to, etc. seems to be a necessity for the position. Why (rhetorically presented, of course, as we'll discuss this more fully as things unfold)?


05/17/2011 -- Golden sacks (leftmost mug), by Rolling Stone and Daily Ticker.

01/06/2011 -- It is interesting that Jim M, whose company makes oodles off of the taxpayers' money, would be in the line of those with the gall to tell us, via our representatives, what they think is what we ought to do. Jim M? What were you thinking?

01/03/2011 -- Two years ago, a collective mug shot like on this page was labelled rogue table. What is different now? Oh yes, these are the New Kings. Their reign? Those virtual entities that have no boundaries in the geographic, or traditional, sense. That is why we need the Magna Carta. Their quandary? Within any political bounded state, they are princes (if that) and feel that they need to protect their turfs, and remuneration. What are the rest of us? Mere resources to be exploited. Ah, they ought to consider that many have more brains in one head (sorry, Grigori, only using you as an example and, perhaps, a metaphor that we need to understand) than they have in their collective lot.

01/03/2011 -- When one looks at the tone of the plan given to the government, and the demands, it's like these people forget that their idiocy created the recent downturn (not just the finance people, folks, as many pushed for book cooking, financial wizardry, etc.). Talk lack of humility. Somehow, business is equated with crap; is that what you American companies want? Why don't you lead the world in ethical business practices, being green, etc.?

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