Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Talking to the addicts

Moral: Wherein we just take note of the goo-goo talk going on everywhere, now. Ben/Janet did a good job in that respect.

Canada? Who has been the epitome of good banking? Europe? Poor Germany (worked hard; kept their economy on even keel; they will be like the savers under the FED - slapped silly).

As an old timer, I don't know if I'll see fiscal sanity return in my lifetime.

Remarks:  Modified: 03/16/2015

02/05/2015 -- 80-year-old manipulator of the markets still at it. ... The questions remains, for the financial engineers: what is the scientific basis for your efforts (as in, real engineering bumps up against nature, which is a hard task master)? ... You guys exploit the multitudes (let me characterize this for you ... in my own time, of course).

03/16/2015 -- Let them eat cake

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