Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Considerable time?

Moral: Wherein we react, after news.

Ah, the goo-goo, coo-coo talking keeps going. Oh, the Fed has to continue to soothe the little ones (actually, overgrown idiots) who cannot go without their training wheels.

Imagine. If the Fed dropped those two words, thinks Janet (and her buddies - with two dissenting votes), the market vultures would panic and fly away from the lifeless bodies of the savers.

Yes. Is Janet afraid that those who are sucking the loudest would fear that a weaning moment loomed and would cry for help? Don't want that. Keep the addicts happy with their spiked punch.

Mixing all sorts of metaphors? Sure. But, then, who would have thought that we could have come to all of this just because the financial types just had to crash the system with their gaming the system, get bailed (as they expected) out over such a long period of time, and then fling mud in the face of those who cleaned up their diapers?

Wait! Of course, the Fed is of that ilk. And, it's mere playing with fiat money (and two funny controls); albeit, real people are getting hurt (at least, a couple of good-heart'd humans voted for some constraint to be put on the partying pigs).


So, the flaying will continue (for a "considerable time"). Those savers who are still alive will have to stay hunkered as the chimera bubbles.

At some point, we ought to consider this type of thing (slapping of the face, flaying to the bone) to be a desecration of the dead (the landscape is scattered with savers who have been flayed to the bone) - has our society come to accepting that?

Remarks:  Modified: 10/09/2014

09/30/2014 -- So, now, Evans is talking. Great, guy. Keep the markets roaring in their frenzy. How is that to have an effect on employment? You know the game? Finances churn; each tick sucks money from the pockets of the hapless to that of the fat cats? This, the FED has encouraged for years now. Sustainable? You really think? Ever heard of savers? You ought to have come to the bank the other day when I was further flayed, slapped silly, and downright abused. 0.01% was their offer. ... Now, let's look at the ca-pital-sino (you still awake, Evans?). It's floating. The talking heads tout 401K uprisings. Pure imaginary gains. Why? The system (of which you, Evans, are a part) sucks out the value. This is some epitome of an advanced society? ... At least, all of that (this comment, until now) was written without Yellen ever being mentioned. Definitely, a great diversionary scheme (many senses).

10/09/2014 -- Tiptoeing to avoid a taper tantrum. This time, it would be mommy, rather than daddy, who started psychic meltdown. Ah, the poor lil ones.

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