Wednesday, February 4, 2015

80-year-old whiz

Moral: Wherein we look at financial engineering.

We will let the article speak for itself: Bloomberg Markets (March 2015). The image, from the article, describes how an e-bond is constructed.


There are words, like reduce risk and maximize liquidity. The former? Did we not hear financial types bragging that risk was no longer in our vocabulary? Yes, right around the time of the downturn. So, a Nobel guy has bought in. So, too, did we see the almost take down of the economy of such types; King Alan had to bail them out.

The latter? Seems to me that liquidity's purpose is to allow constant raking off the top of the cream; thereby, diluting the milk, people.


As said, this is informational. However, bear in mind the context in which discussions will resume. 

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