Sunday, May 4, 2014

Going forward

Moral: Janet persists in Ben's ways; once the savers are flayed of their outer coat, will she then start to carve out muscle?


Let's see. Unemployment is down, by certain definitions. Things are progressing for some (but, is that not always the case?) while others labor (yes, capitalists' dream?). Too, the markets are hot and aerated (again, the FED's dream?) where the leeches can pull off real value daily (the only ones who actually benefit). Talking of leeches? The WSJ listens to the propaganda of the NASDAQ head (oh yes, he says, HFT is great). ... Ah, just too much,

The training wheels remain in place, and the punch bowl is filled every day. Sheesh.


So, recall a look back from the turn of the year (Past 30 and All time). We thought that we would do that, again. Probably will make it a regular thing.

    Past 30 days                                  All time              
Well, on the right, "Chimera: sellers and buyers" (in essence, most will not get those values that are announced to them monthly with their, fictionally farcical, statements - yes, the WSJ recently had someone writing about the relaxed accounting rules that see income [without considering costs] as something to take note of) now has more reads than does "Computation, finance and engineering" which indicates something; for one, a post from 2013 came in over one from 2009. But, perhaps the "chimera" will be more fully recognized for what it is.

Now, for the shorter-term, "Near zero" seems to have come into focus. That is a key concept; any gain (especially by those whose intake is extremely bulbous) takes from myriads (oh yes, of those types that the uppers do not care about).


As with anything, change have occurred in lots of ways and in all sorts of directions since the start of this blog. However, those early posts' basis is still there. One might argue that they ought to be re-written in a more up-to-date fashion.

Well, that is true. FB was not there to the current extent when this started. Other things have changed. Apps are now a fad. But, look at "Wake up, people, it's your right" for a view that I need to expand upon further. It has been touched upon a few times.

Look, the Magna Charta is getting a lot of attention now as 2015 is the 800th year of the first signing by King John. So,we have descendants of all parties concerned planning to have various types of celebrations. Ought to be fun.

We have mentioned the MC here (several times) starting in 2010. You see, labor needs it. The poor people of the earth need something like this to be protected from the rapacious ways of business as it goes around the world looking for the next set of people to exploit (out housing).

And computer (cloud) users need it to have a way to tell the pimply-faced wizards (I've been there) to back off (yeah, Zuck, et al). By the way, where is there any coherent of basics for computer safety and security for those who just want to use this stuff as it was intended (gift of God, if you must ask).

... Ah, too much, need we go on?


So, I'm back to wondering when Janet will "mama" the economy rather than the screwing everyone like some "papas" (yes, if you must, the capitalists at their worst) try to do.


Now, how to retool for the future? Evidently, Janet will take her time. We'll have to get from our PTIME view and be a little more proactive, perhaps.

Remarks:  Modified: 05/12/2014

05/12/2014 -- Yes, today, there's talk of negative rates. In other words, we pay the bank to hold our money. Sheesh. Is that not like cutting out the muscle (see Moral)?

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