Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Summary, 2013

Moral: Wherein we take a look at 2013.

The blog got its start in August of 2009. As of today, there have been 209 posts with 22 categories.

The image shows the order of post reads for the Past 30 days and All time. Compare with last year's.

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The differences are interesting and may suggest where to focus for the coming year. For one, "chimera" is the correct use. Too, let's hope that Janet addresses early the unwinding's back effects. The sooner, the better. Ben will be able to watch from afar the unfolding of the detrimental impacts (yes, big guy that he is).

Does it have to be this way? No, but everyone is chasing after accumulations, it seems. Bigger pockets. Where is the economist who isn't after such things? The WSJ had a couple of Nobel winners bragging (gloating) about their big pockets (sheesh).

Now, we have the suckers bringing their money into the equity bash; of course, the game runners are raking in their gains (we can allow the term, but remember: ill-begotten) from this. One thing to emphasize is that the  motivation (attitude) here is not influenced by other than the need to look at the picture from outside the craziness that money brings out (the politicos who salivate at the sight of a buck are an example).

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