Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Summary, 2012

Moral: Wherein we take a look at 2012.

The blog got its start in August of 2009. As of today, there have been 165 posts with 22 categories.
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The image shows two lists of the most-read posts, for the Past 30 days and All time.

  • Of late (Past 30 days) - Secured payments in which we consider that there are problems with regard to supporting on-going payments or to obtaining such in the future even with all of the techniques that are available in a modern economy. The age-old urge to misappropriate from others may be one of the factors needing attention.
  • Since the beginning (All time) - Computation, finance and engineering is an early post that quotes from articles in the Communication of the ACM which is the voice of an organization dealing with the technology of computing. In other words, there are issues that we have learned, yet, to address. Given such, some of the chicanery behind failures to pay may be hidden under the guise of computing which is trusted more than it ought to be, perhaps due to its complexity. 

The count of posts by year has been the following: 2009 (57), 2010 (40), 2011 (43), and so far in 2012 (24).

Remarks:  Modified: 01/02/2014

01/02/2014 -- Summary for 2013

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