Thursday, July 11, 2013


Moral: Wherein we consider that Ben went goo-goo, and the markets went gaga.


Actually, some of his buddies talked sweetly to the addicts, to boot.


Yet, I had another face slap, yesterday. Or, watched it happen to someone else. By this time, going into five years and more, with no end in sight, it's beginning to feel like torture to savers to be so treated.

And, some guy after a position (FBI? -- look it up) says that he thinks that water boarding is torture. That is, some such headline passed before my vision the other day while I was working at the computer. What does Dick think of that?


Yet, Ben wants the ca-pital-sino to keep running. He knows where that money is going: to those run the system, those who are allowed to rake off the top, those with insider information, and more. Many think that we learned nothing from that last downturn (not last month, five or so years ago).


09/17/2014 -- Yes, she did. The coo-coo, goo-goo goes on. The landscape is strewn with the lifeless bodies of the savers. Thanks, Janet.

12/19/2013 -- Ben did his parting shot (whimper that it was); they're going to taper slowly, less than a 1/8th on the bond buy, starting next month. And, he's going to torture savers for another year or so. We'll have to see how the pieces fall. The markets got heavily seeded today in hopes of luring in the idiots and moms/pops (who cannot afford the pending losses). So, it's pop, fizz, ..., again. Too, we'll see more goo-goo talk to the immature markets and the addicted investors thereof. One of many technical issues that we'll have to get into: Nanex's view.

12/05/2013 -- If only Ben would put a shot across the bow.

08/21/2013 -- I was wrong. I thought that Ben would go goo-goo, again, as his doves want him to do. But, there is talk of a taper, albeit slowly. Sheesh. No one does "cold turkey" anymore? That's how I quit smoking. Why is it that the FED feeds addiction (that's a monetary policy?)? Now, when does the slapping the face silly quit?

08/07/2013 -- Investors? After the last taper talk (more than a month ago), things jiggled a bit. Some lost money. Some gnashed their teeth (but, for someone, like my ilk, who has been slapped silly for several years now, what comfort ought we give to those who don't know how to wean themselves from their addiction? --- in the meantime, Ben, we, the savers (saviors?), continue to be good citizens despite the Fed's attempt to trample us under the dirt). At that time, Ben had his Doves talk goo-goo. So, the mania began again. Yesterday, there was a slight downturn supposedly as some Hawk (or two) said, perhaps, next month there might be some fiddling with the taper (the talk wasn't that the investor would get reamed - forgive me, I was in the U.S.Army at 17 and learned some good lessons -- also, I was a medic so I know of orifices, to boot). Ben's problem is that he's in a fog (who isn't?). Yet, he runs around with the elite like an oracle (he ought to consider some of the Prophets about which he knows, perhaps), strokes the addicts, bends in to the money'd, and more. And, he looks for signs (omen analyzer -- ah, age-old behavior). And, he misses the obvious. For instance, what they're calling jobs (related to his triggers) are really just glorified indentured servancy roles. In fact, these things are to drive a consumer-oriented economy? ...

07/18/2013 -- Saw a review of Stockman's book and read a little about a discussion with him. One thing that I didn't know was the David has gone to Harvard's Divinity School. Interesting. So, did he have a road to Damascus type of thing? Or, was it that he got caught in the deals that was the thing? You see, the whole framework stinks. I'm sure that Ben knows this. He talks markets, as if this means something. He knows that the majority amount of energy given pertains to gaming and exploiting the system. What value is that to ourselves and our economy? Think of it. He's stiffed savers now for a long time and says that he'll continue. BTW, going back to near zero, what gain is there that means anything if what you are looking at comes from people bellying up to the bar with their money? Ponzi ran that type of thing, too. Then, sellers who win do so, for the most part, from the fact that there is more money coming in. Earnings? That's so silly for grown people to talk about rationally. So, Stockman doesn't like Ben's take on the matter. I would believe Stockman more if I hadn't know that he was in the game, too. Ben, you need to talk to someone who is outside the game and has a good grasp on the matter.

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