Friday, January 13, 2012


Moral: Wherein we start the year, as we ended the last one, by looking at posts that are being read.


Why? Is it laziness? Well, not really. As one progresses through time at a keyboard, stuff accumulates. Now, on the web, it seems to just continue to flow (even in nature, one doesn't find continuous (see below) eliminations - err brain dumps) without any thought (this is a very demonstrable, rather than just arguable, remark). Where are the editors?

So, since coherence is one goal with this post [blog] (and its relatives), we'll take some time to review past positions [posts and their content] in order to make corrections and to form a more firm foundation.


Aside: the past few weeks have been spent following threads that results [resulted] from Christopher Hitchens' departure. As you would expect, that trek [reading venture] wandered across many loci in time (and virtual space). One thing that will be forthcoming, soon, is discussion about why business cannot be more like science. Now, wait! There is a serious overlap between these two. In fact, business exploits science more than vice versa. Too, any scientist who goes after greed will not be a good scientist for long (yes, lesson there for Jamie (yes you, guy, the last man standing) and his ilk (the bane of the earth)). See Last Man April 1, 2011 (unfortunately, these people are not April fool's jokes (wait! that's it - they are puns on us -- actually, scourges and a daily source of pain) whose mischief is limited to one day a year.).


  • Ben, da man -- Nov 2011 -- Yes, Ben may irritate in his efforts to appease the bankers (and their ilk). But, they have the money. So, it's understandable. This year, we'll be a little more circumspect with regard to the impossible task (set, of course, by the idiot politicians who salivate at the thought of money) that he has taken on. 
  • Gravy train I -- Jan 2010 -- Saw the reviews of McDonald's book which motivated interest. It is nice to see an insider's view. Yet, we're going to have to go back to an even lower basis in order to correct these problems. How long will that take? Those who can (small set) have always screwed the others (the very large set),  when allowed. We need to bring in a Magna Charta for these jerks. By the way, Harvard, you are going to have to accept some responsibility at making things more sane. 
  • Ben and Timmy -- Aug 2011 -- Yes, if only that biological part of [the] equation dealing with the 'act' (yes, the male disinterest in anything beyond conquest) were not the thing brought into business. See above comment about science. Because [as] 'truth' (but, not necessarily 'being') comes to fore (usually), there is less of the contentious mating calls. (Aside: Jamie, are you up to changing the game?) What about the care and feeding (and, a whole lot more! like seeing leveraging as the games of a male teen's brain (yes, you guys, smell the roses) -- this just past go-around extremely exacerbated by computational mischief - ah, the gaming generation's debut)? By the way, we're going to look closely at the decision of Boeing to leave its 85-year relationship with a mid-western city as an example. Ah, that is going to be fun!! Talk about sucking a place dry (tax breaks, jilted lovers (as in workers who put their heart and soul into the place) -- Jim M's brain could not even start to grasp at the reality. 

05/10/2012 -- At least Jamie admitted that his bank lost two-thousand million in a few weeks time. 

01/27/2012 -- Ben will continue to sack the savers; he must love the ca-pital-sino.

01/16/2012 -- Ah, Jamie did an "ah shucks" interview. How can one demonize him and his industry? Yes, he even talks OWS without barfing. Is he after Timmy's job?

01/15/2012 -- It is or It is notJobs, labor, and disrespect.

01/14/2012 -- One thing to do this year will be to move pointers to a more permanent site. That is, new feeds, like Yahoo's, degrade. Just updated Last Man. Fortunately, the feeds copy part of the title and identify the source. But, sometimes the original article leaves cyber space. Even search sites have links that are of no use. Some make a copy, but that requires space, etc.  

Modified: 05/10/2012

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