Friday, August 5, 2011

Ben and Timmy

Moral: Wherein we let someone else talk about Big Ben's and Little Timmy's culpability in raising the ca-pital-sino nature of the big chimera.


Ben and Timmy, two of a kind.


Seeking Alpha has a real good read on this. Note the use of 'narcissistic males' in the discussion as to things that drive toward the awry (oldest profession - see Remarks 08/03 & 05/2011 -- head butting -- somehow, this has morphed into what risk is all about - as in, that risk that gets the reward - the second oldest profession - yet, which is first? ).


Please note, this post is not an endorsement of the viewpoint (Quants) expressed at the 'seeking alpha' site. However, the post being referenced does say a lot that is right.


07/06/2012 -- Today, we have the one-year remembrance of George Edward Kimball III (GEK III)

03/23/2012 -- Ben is doing a series of four lectures on his, and the FED's, role.

03/05/2012 -- In Timmy's own words.

01/27/2012 -- Ben will continue to sack the savers; he must love the ca-pital-sino.

12/05/2011 -- Now, he's giving money to Europe, on the backs of our savers.

09/27/2011 -- Yes, Ben, keep steering us toward those who pick the pockets.

08/16/2011 -- Big Ben treasonous?

08/13/2011 -- Banks still struggling. We could have taken them over.

08/10/2011 -- Weird stock market. Removes all arguments for the legitimacy/sustainability of this financial mechanism; that is, how ought this be done in a civilized, sane manner?

08/10/2011 -- Down 600+, then up 400+ (due to Big Ben's group having their meeting -- and continuing to poke it to the old folk), then down 400+. What is stupid here? People actually trying to find some rhyme and reason to this madness. Let's look at an example company that shows the results of the excesses of the past decade and that demonstrates how the consumer suffers.

08/09/2011 -- Historically stupid (sacking the savers through 2013 --- giving our money to the fat cats who 1) got us into the mess, 2) has sat on their bucks to the effect of keeping the economy dampened, 3) made easy money off of Ben's largess).

08/08/2011 -- Oh well, Little Timmy is staying. Anyone for a DOW of 8K?

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