Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Evolution of business

Moral: Wherein we look at the influence of families on the evolution of business as we try to understand the appeal of the chimera.


Evolution? Yes, business reflects the times and the memes set. Time moves on, so too do things change.

At any point, some think that they may have reached an epitome. Dynasties arise. Some fall. Others amble on. Generation by generation expectations grow. 'Having it all' describes one type.

One can just see the mind storms of a well-endowed best-and-brightest on the Street (not Main) gloating in the bonuses (excessive by any definition) and fat-catting down life's highways, expecting that the getting will always be good (creating copy-cats).

Then, those who play took their balls home in order to stop the game, froze the economy, knew that their partners were as crooked as they, and more.

And, the common folk suffered.


While doing research for an entirely different reason, I ran across a family that would serve as a good example (Moore). Henry, of the mid-1800s, epitomized the mentality behind buy-outs. One grandson was a decorated marine, a priest, and liberal. There will be others, to boot.

Looking further at this type of example would extend that done so far: backbone, commoners, non-commoners.


The latest realm of busyness is heavily computational and global. Exploitation of workers, and consumers, is not new; we haven't learned the real lessons there, yet. When can we?


It's not hopeless, though how many eons will be needed? Well, hopefully, it's not a PTIME issue. Yet, one knows that the lessons can be learned quickly, given the right circumstances. Which are? ... Another topic.


12/15/2012 -- Coase, on the subject.

07/06/2012 -- Today, we have the one-year remembrance of George Edward Kimball III (GEK III)

11/30/2011 -- Need to respect the bottom up. Will the computer finally let that come about?

08/30/2011 -- Essentially, we have financial piracy.

08/10/2011 -- Weird stock market. Removes all arguments for the legitimacy/sustainability of this financial mechanism; that is, how ought this be done in a civilized, sane manner?

08/08/2011 -- Oh well, Little Timmy is staying. Anyone for a DOW of 8K?

08/05/2011 -- In case there is a need to be more obvious (the meme: the chicken or the egg -- below), which is the oldest profession: head-butt or mate. Note, if you would, that the latter is usually preceded by the former, in many cases.

08/03/2011 -- There are several ways to ponder economics within an evolutionary framework. However, starting with the two (no, not one) 'oldest' professions might be of interest: head-butting (see Remarks 07/29/2011) and, then, that which is usually cast as the oldest. Which came first (the meme: the chicken or the egg)?

Modified: 12/15/2012

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