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Cambridge Non-commoners

Moral: Wherein we continue a look at the 'chimera' (and its lemons) in terms of an approach that can be sustainable.


Last time, we looked at the Salem Commoners whose use of 'commoner' provides an interesting twist. Yes, many involved were not common, at all.

Fortunately, Fortune now provides another, more usual, twist that deals with the antithesis of common, namely the elite. The topic deals with the Ivies as a route to Wall Street.

As an aside, Cambridge also has MIT (juxtapositions, thereof, are of interest here).


Mind you, this blog has said, from the beginning, that any worldview that puts its epitome on the Wall, rather than the Main, street, is very much suspect from a sustainable sense. Why? It continues the notions that were motivators for aristocratic excesses of ego and ignominious exploitation of the trodden; too, these ones, of the privileged heritage (some, lordly princes) and of a highly un-grounded basis, proliferate mindsets that are seemingly well-founded but that, in actuality, sliver and quake (house of cards).


An appropriate Magna Carta must become part of the discussion.


07/06/2012 -- Today, we have the one-year remembrance of George Edward Kimball III (GEK III)

10/10/2011 -- If the OWS wants specifics, there are plenty to list, such as this one. We can only resolve this with an amendment (like the 13th) for the rights of workers (folks, employment is not unlike indentured servitude in many ways) plus a Magna Carta equivalent to give the big pants (egos) something to think about.

10/09/2011 -- Kings have sovereignty over their dominion however large it may be. There, currently, is no king of the world of this type. CEOs have sovereignty over their companies. Now, many of these have domains that are larger (measured many ways) than geographical types of kingdoms. BUT, each has sovereignty over themselves (or ought to), ideally (constitutionally, if you're in the U.S.A.).

Now, being able to exhibit sovereignty requires talent of various sorts. Throughout history, those who ruled others may or may not have had this talent. From all of the turmoil over the millenia, one has to just marvel at the stupidity of these types, exhibited, in the modern age, by the CEO MVPs.

Our task is to foster that which enhances one's self-sovereignty and diminishes others' influence on oneself. Oh wait. The social media seem to be antithetical to this notion. Also, all of those issues related to mature interactions (of a peaceful manner) must be resolved (philosophers have long been involved with that dilemma).

It is this type of notions that are behind a lot of what motivates the current protests. Those who could (LT 1%) have exploited (and have been allowed to exploit) the rest (GT 99%).

10/07/2011 -- Magna Carta, the celebration thereof.

09/15/2011 -- Henry and George.

08/30/2011 -- Essentially, we have financial piracy.

08/05/2011 -- In case there is a need to be more obvious (the meme: the chicken or the egg -- below), which is the oldest profession: head-butt or mate. Note, if you would, that the latter is usually preceded by the former, in many cases.

08/03/2011 -- There are several ways to ponder economics within an evolutionary framework. However, starting with the two (no, not one) 'oldest' professions might be of interest: head-butting (see Remarks 07/29/2011) and, then, that which is usually cast as the oldest. Which came first (the meme: the chicken or the egg)?

07/29/2011 -- Another nod to GEK III would look at his thinking on the 'sweet science' of mankind (and analogs, thereof). As in, head butting (actually, this is the oldest profession). Rick had a post on his BJJ longevity (to which I commented, as it leads to discussion of the necessity of the sandbox) describing the various benefits of the martial arts. In the large, mayhem has been used by those of the upper realms to control the lower classes, plus they manipulate the energies for the uppers' goals. In the small, we have males trying to establish an illusory dominance (yes, zap your brain out to 1 million miles and think: to what effect?) among themselves while letting the uppers exploit the situation. That is, divisive energies prevent the necessary unity (that which would free the trodden). ... Now, to twist the view a little, can we learn lessons from the efforts at succeeding in these areas (as in, something equivalent to that considered by the ivory-towered minds)? Yes, consider a topsy-turvy change that is experientially (and not abstractly) based, if you would. We'll be getting more into this later.

07/28/2011 -- This is the second of the G.E.K. III, defender of justice, series. As one comment to the Fortune article notes: (bern 3922) Actually, I think we're becoming more like the feudalistic classist dumps our ancestors fled here to escape. Hopefully we'll realize we're making the mistakes of the past and change course. What we need is for elite education to be allocated to those most intelligent and capable instead of those whose parents have the most money. We also need legislation that will make nepotism a form of employment discrimination.

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