Friday, December 31, 2010

What is truth?

Moral: Wherein we continue to ponder questions of truth. In business?


Ah, is truth found in the accumulation of wealth?


Well, folks, the truth is that what we know about the monetary system is much less than all of the daily clamor seems to indicate. We cannot even ask for an honest assessment that we might think is due to the populace nor can those, who are responsible for the task, perform to our expectations.

For one, the growing presence of computation makes the basis even more shaky than we might have allowed.


So, human cleverness will continue to win out. But, does it have to conclude with fat cats getting fatter to the detriment of the most?

Now, where is that class of people who will be effective and who will not exploit the situation? Yes, we will look at this further.


Big Ben, thanks for cow-towing to the fat cats while you ruin the savers, some of whom then get into trouble, unnecessarily.


05/25/2011 -- Lemons problem, dark pools, ... Oh, so much to look at!

01/01/2011 -- We have two last posts of December under our belt.

01/01/2011 -- The truth? Folks, those with the means have been allowed to rule the markets as if they can untangle themselves (and their money), and they did this mis-using mathematics and its computational basis. And, those who were to referee, like Big Ben, threw in the towel, for several reasons. Either they think that the big boys are the key (yet, the biggest part of the equation is consumption -- how can that be done without income (from jobs)?), or they play into the market economy (ca-pital-sino) thinking that Smith, et al, is behind them, or they're just into the role and its accruals, such as we saw with the partying King. Now, it is (can very well be) a fact that those with the proper views (such as, inclinations for simple living) are as smart as (perhaps, smarter than) the best and brightest and that they could help develop the framework for the future. This will be discussed further.

Modified 05/25/2011

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