Sunday, December 5, 2010

Raj Patel

Moral: Wherein we consider another for whom the sirens, related to the big chimera, have no hold. These are the 'real' kings (as opposed to the interlopers, supposed the new royalty, who are ruining everyone's world) and who allow us to hope that we can develop the real backbone of the economy which is necessary for our future and that of our progeny.


This time it is Raj Patel who did get his Master's indoctrination at the London School of Economics.

It was a real treat to run across Raj's notions, albeit that I learned of his work via a recent New Yorker article. How did I miss out before?

Raj's take on matters, economic and otherwise, comes the closest to understanding the realness of 'near-zero' than any that I have seen so far.

The question of how we got into this mess is partly answerable. The solutions for improvement of our situation are not (cannot be) easily grasped.

But, becoming aware of the true state of the problems is the first step. So, hopefully Raj stays the course.


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