Thursday, September 3, 2009

Value, fair or earned

Moral: Wherein we consider value, yes, both fair value and earned value.


These may seem like two different things, however, much of the underlying technological (and mathematical) issues are the same. Hence, they both are NP and have (actually ought) to deal with undecidability. Yet, what we have is greed or hubris pushing us to chase after rainbows. Of course, in terms of greed, some do obtain a status of bulging pockets to the detriment of others.

In terms of hubris, we have projects running after glorified goals without due risk assessment. Of course, in this case, the risk assessors are wrapped in their own limitations.

How did we get here, folks? Have we "collectively become idiots?"

Well, it's true that there are means to tackle intractable problems. In fact, that's the cause for high pay in many cases. People who perform 'miracles' on a regular basis are employed and highly remunerated. Notice, though, that some want to make the playing field (peeks, look aheads, ...) to be in their favor. So, we ought to ask, what types of 'miracles' do we want to pay for? Is a CEO a 'miracle' worker?

Or, is it those who succeed despite not being appreciated? The trouble is, though, that many times people are punished for attempting, and failing, a solution, as if they didn't try hard enough, when the real reason is the hardness of the problem.

Gosh, that is how we learn! Through failure! The smart learn through the failure of others.

So, we need to change the terminology, perhaps, to get these concepts discussed and in general us. Hardness, and undecidable, do not require infinite sets, just very large, and complicated, domains.


01/15/2015 -- This week, this post is getting read. Great! Nice little piece of work (kidding, in part) so many years ago. ... At last, a series that will establish the basis and extensions, as required. We are going to go back to some simple and come forward to the modern, complicated economy. Why? My long chain of ancestors (inherited via Prof. Lucio Arteaga) is one motivation.

09/21/2011 -- On Wealth and the CEO MVP.

06/26/2011 -- The chimera, as the basis for our decisions, makes value issues to be more problematic, for many reasons. How did this come to be?

11/21/2010 -- Three years ago, it was said: Computational foci raise miraculous need. Still applies.

12/15/2009 -- Requiem for the dollar (WSJ) and responses.

09/09/09 -- We'll need to look at UUUN, as a framework.

09/04/2009 -- It has been decided about Ben, the saver sacker. We still need to discuss the overarching metaphor for the economy. Quants are it!!

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