Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day

Moral: Where we honor this day that the US celebrates our labor which is an important part of the economy. It's wonderful to note, today, that managers are included. That is, if they want to be, the best and brightest that they are. Oh, wait! That concept is reserved for the quants only?


Business Week has an article that we'll look at further, after enjoying the holiday. The title says a lot (How Science Can Create Millions of New Jobs) and refers to old glories, namely innovations from US R&D. Where are those days?

Off shored (Out housed) in the name of something (some say greed). Okay, we're global, now. Yet, who looks out for the populaces (intended to be plural). Not business which is a fat cat game, folks, by definition.

Science and engineering, of many variety, can help balance things. We'll get back to that more thoroughly.

In the meantime, where would we be without labor?

Note: Sometimes it seems that the fat cats (who are always of smaller cardinality) want workers to be like the Roman legionaries who were devoted to Disciplina. Yes, "frugality, sternness, and faithfulness" for the workers while fat cats have the lap of luxury and unmitigated greed. Need we add, that some jobs are actually dangerous to health, limb and life? Oh, worker jobs, that is.


11/16/2010 -- That the American worker was short-changed becomes more apparent everyday.

12/08/2009 -- Consider current CEOs in relation to Paul. Not fair? Well, these guys/gals have set themselves upon some supposed plane that is above the rest of us.

12/01/2009 -- The consumer as focus.

Modified: 11/16/2010

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