Monday, December 31, 2018

Summary, 2018

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Monday, December 24, 2018

What goes up ...

Moral: The markets (ca-pital-sino) seem to be in a free fall. People are asking why. Example: The US is now officially in a bear market and the Dow had its worst week in a decade. Since President Trump took credit for the good economy, will he accept any responsibility if we go into recession? Of course, there is a political flavor.

Look, over a year ago. Expectation of unwinding. Tantrums are not mature.

So, teaching opportunity? Let's look at a few details that will be germane to the analysis that will come ex post facto. These are implied in the answer to the above question. All of this has been covered here, from the beginning. As we proceed, we'll look back at our on-time analysis over the period since Ben turned on the spigot, Janet kept it on, and there was some recent closing off. That a factor? Sure. But, ETFs (and their ilk of gaming) are to boot. Plus, many other things, especially technology.
  • The whole mechanism, take the DOW, inflates as the thing goes up. Puffery. On the downturn, it turns the other way and squashes real quickly. 
  • The FED wanted people to run after the risky. They flayed the reasonable. Who are those? The savers. I have it all here, folks, including things not written yet. 
  • On the political, jaw boning (twitting, whatever) has an influence. That would be 'in the spirit' of the thing. So, bull (crap?) to bear (claws)? Good thing that nature has balance. We sure like to get our little selves way out of any rational balance, it seems. 
  • Mathematics and computing? Being misused. I said that from the beginning. Hence, one major focus has been truth engineering (will be, too). 
So much more. This is a brief statement of direction and intent. 

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12/24/2018 --


Moral: Wherein we start to look anew, at the issues.

So, we're past what is called the mid-term (something like that) election. And, the blues took the House from the reds. That ought to dampen some of the whining. We will see. The Fed has started to quit the flaying of the savers. Some savings rates are up to 2% and more.

We never whined here. No, it has always been righteous indignation (;>). Like the prophet of old, we could not see much but thing going crazy.

However, now is the time for reasonable folks to step forward, and we intend to do so.

Of late, our creative juices have been spent on two avenues: Thomas Gardner Society, Inc. site and blog; Quora, the indescribable, so to speak.

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12/24/2018 -- Example Quora question: What goes up ...