Friday, March 31, 2017

Genie out of the bottle

Moral: Wherein we look at recent findings.

Today, the news is that Russian paid trolls.Is anyone surprised? We ought not have let loose the Internet as we did. So, now, it's a mess. It was a mess the whole time after the commercial thrust got going.

So, we cannot cry about spilled milk (or is it spoilt?). Well, actually, it's both.

I have harped on this a long time. In fact, from a mobile sense, I am 1G/2G. From a computational sense, I do a lot of local processing. I rent a VM for my website. Cloud? It's a muddy mess. I do use it for storage. Carefully.

When I see Silly Valley's results over the past couple of decades, I grieve. I'm old. But, the youngsters are going to have to clean up the messes. Oh sure, jobs.

You know, the whole bit is screwy. Those who can play with data that they get from people's on-line activity. What? I almost barfed when I heard of that choice. It's like the mailman reading your mail. What idiot argued otherwise?

And so, here we are. I'll have to get back to writing posts, such as these: We let the genie out of the bottle and Genies and bottles. Of course, Truth Engineering will have to get back into play.

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