Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Google as poster boy

Moral: Wherein we allude to several possible hints. Poster boys do not have to be rogues.

Let's see. So many examples of late that the world has dropped on our lap.

  • The golden sacks guy as a poster boy for the 0.01% (I have seen up close some of their dealings). 
  • Trump, as in the Donald, as the poster boy for flim-flam. We cannot blame the Donald; he just represents that ilk (not meaning Republicans or Conservatives - Dems have their oligarchical (it's an attitude, people) folks, to boot). Flim-flam? Yes, see one article on the determination of total wealth.
  • Which brings up the so-called market with its inflated status (oh Janet, I thought that you would not have the male blindness). 
  • So, finally, on the Google pop the other day after which the press has gone on and on, and on and ..., about the $billions increase: a very small amount of shares outstanding were involved in the activity that caused such an increase. ... Ought we use, priming the pump? Getting the suction going so that the pockets of the hapless are (will be) emptied? ... Not picking on Google; it is just that they make a good poster boy for this issue (of which, the Fed is (has been) an enabler).
  • ...
Rather than dampen, we will start to think temper (perhaps, anneal). Actually, what I have in mind goes far beyond the little stress tests that the banks have gone through (thanks, Timmy - remember him?).

Remarks:  Modified: 07/27/2015

07/22/2015 -- Some of these were rogues.

07/24/2015 -- Now, we must add Amazon. They had a big pop after hours, yesterday. The press is exclaiming about them being more valuable than Walmart. I don't think much of the Waltons, but this whole bit sounds a lot like 1900/2000, when the nebulous futures of the so-called future companies of the web were seen as more valuable than brick and mortar. Now, on the other hand, Amazon has been building centers (computing, distribution). But, he, meaning the joker in charge, does not take care of his people. No, he's taking his wealth and meddling. Bought the Washington Post, for instance. ... So, these two can stand out. There are more to add to the list. From these occurrences, we can paint a good picture of the problems with the current financial mess (er system). ... Looks like 10M or stock are active (as in, what's report by volume). Of how many outstanding? 500M or so.

07/24/2015 -- We'll be re-looking at the "new royalty" issue. Ought those who get benefits from riding the magic carpet with the fat cats worry? Yes, sustainability cannot be attained with these types of methods. Adam Smith has been mis-used for too long. ... Near-zero, in that the most pay, through the nose and worse, is a key issue (the Jokester of Amazon knows this).

07/25/2015 -- Gosh, another poster boy (WSJ on 78-year old). He is an inspiration, in a sense. His choice is problematic from another. Why does he not put his brainpower toward resolving some economic issues (like the madness of the market, and proponents thereof) rather than just pilfering because he and his kind can and are allowed to?

07/27/2015 -- Today, things started downward. But, I noticed that both Google and Amazon were roaring up (small number of shares involved), again. Someone priming the pump on this Monday morning to get things going? It seems that the exchanges hit a bottom and are going up. ... By the way, there are limits set that stop trading on the downside. Have you ever seen this happen on the upside (to wit, the pops of last week)? -- Will use Quora to explore things further. --- Also, we will be getting back to the Quants and issues related to their roles.

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