Monday, March 16, 2015

Let them eat cake

Moral: Wherein we look at machination motivations which arise from the attitude behind the statement whether it was, or not, expressed by the Queen.

There are many cousins of her's still around and about (as well, as a whole multitude of wannabes); that lordship-ness role - wild dreams - appeals, without end.


So, last time, we described a little example using a small number of stock with a price that was large enough to show effects. Of course, the whole notion was about the magical multiplier (which is in effect today - essentially, a prime the pump day). In that post, we said that it was to be used for an example of things that border on misuse (inequitable, for one thing).

This graphic shows the original state which is the final one of the prior. 

Aside: We can thank Andrey for helping us to realize that, in many cases, we do not care about why we are where we are. No, the thing is to know your choices. But, this whole thing has been twisted, unnecessarily, as we have seen time and again. 

Examples of orientation: market or machination

So, we start where we left off. We have 20 stock. 6 of these have been sold. So, the total value has gone up as did the bulge. Now, supposing that one of the holders of stock (we picked #8) needs to sell as that is the only way to get some cash (forced sell situation which can be of many ilk). Then, there are many ways that this can be done. 

But, the two here juxtapose a market approach (all sorts of positive qualities) and a machination type of thing (of which the dark pool is by definition). 

Aside: We could have picked any of these. If we had picked one that had been bought early, then the loss related to #8 and #13 would have been the classic case of the late comers being the sacrificial sheep. 

Now, a sale, in the market sense, below the current price would result in a general loss. In the machination case, all sorts of activity could be done without anyone being the wiser. 

Aside: We will need to look at the end result of machinations, of these types, as they move value to the pockets of a few leaving the rest settled in the bulge (yes, Janet, your continuation of Ben's approach has caused "inflation" in the bulge, in more ways than one -- the number of hapless, sacrificial, lambs has exploded). 

Remarks:  Modified: 07/25/2015

03/16/2015 -- One criticism of this little example could be that who would sell stock to get 4 bucks. Do I need to tell you of a 300K house being sold for 6 bucks (by some stupid public employees who were trying to collect unpaid taxes -- idiocies of this nature are rampant)? This little example is to set the stage. Next up is increasing the number of stock and adjusting the price. From this, we can start to see the factors involved so as to notice what conditions are good for those who benefit from running the system.

03/17/2015 -- Dogs of the Dow: Market Cap table, Most active. Beyond the wildest dream. How truth engineering comes into play.

03/22/2015 -- Jealous? No way, Jose. FED gives Wall Street what it wishes.

03/23/2015 -- Pew Research's reports will be useful: Only upper-income families have made wealth gains in recent decades. In some of the responses to comments, one author expresses disbelief in the Fed's influence. Well, we can work on helping clarify that (by more than griping about the addicts). Our research deals, in part, with how many simple folk get to experience, and enjoy, the book-based wealth that their financial reports offer them. That is, that which is beyond Social Security (but, being sensitive to take-backs as we see, recently, happening with retirees being informed that their pension is being cut). From my experience, it is a small percentage (comparatively). The one fact of the upper crust? They have more protection which we can enumerate and illustrate.

06/01/2015 -- Dampening the magical multiplier.

07/24/2015 -- Last night, we had an Amazon pop based upon activity of about 10M shares out of 500M (about) outstanding. Then, we have the media bragging about the Jokester's big payday (which would require him to be able to sell at the price) all day. These little games would be okay if they did not help preserve the less than 1%'s ability to suppress the remainder. See Remarks (this day) about the incident.

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