Friday, April 16, 2010

Backbone of the economy I

Moral: Wherein we consider that, despite what is the economy, the backbone is the essential friend of the economy, not those who game for the ill-begotten gain.


So, banks are making money, paying big bonuses, and screwing their depositors. What else is new?

Ah, how the fat cats love their spread!

And, Wall Street? Rotten to the core (Tech Ticker)!

And, Ben continues to sack the savers while letting those fat cats loll in their monies. Gosh, big guy, when will you awaken? We do NOT need the chimera in its current form!

Well, we'll have to do a series on the real backbone of an economy. IT IS NOT FINANCE (which is not even the heart, in its current form). Of course, many will think that the reference is to labor. Not!

Effectiveness at real solutions is the key. All of this will be addressed.

Example: an oft-overlooked Old Planter who exemplified what became the 'spirit' of the US.

The theme will continue, as the backbone has been broken down by the fat cats, who loll and do not need any bones, through, essentially, use of un-Constitutional practices, such as out-housing and exploitation.

This exploitation include the chimera which is really a giant sucking device. Some gain there; for each of those, a multitude loses. Very much, near-zero, folks.


11/04/2011 -- Tech Ticker asks a good questions about the darker side of Apple. Are any of the other tech companies any better? You know what? Workers always bear more of the load than they ought. Somehow, we've let those who can adopt the old Lord syndrome. This is not necessary to having a sustainable economy.

07/06/2010 -- The real Founders.

05/07/2010 -- Out of control, essentially, and not healthy for the backbone.

Modified: 11/04/2011

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