Saturday, November 7, 2009

What? A train!

Moral: Wherein it can be supposed that there is a train. Actually, we can say there are many trains.


The problem? That, which those who tout that the train is leaving the station, is a train to nowhere, for most.

To follow further on the metaphor, as the train adds cars for those clambering aboard, dynamics work so that the value from the pockets of those in the rear cars moves up toward the front. We'll discuss how. Then, at some point, the front cars (fat-cats-ville) are kept while a whole slew of cars full of the valueless (supposed, as they've been sucked dry) is cut loose.

Now, given that we know that there is a train, actually many, we can start to define them. Meanwhile, we can also relax in the knowledge that no train, worth our attention, has left (or is going to leave) the station.

It would be better if we could get the sandbox defined and established. That would isolate the gamers from those who want to prepare for the future in a rational fashion. It would also allow means to not sack the savers.


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