Monday, May 1, 2017


Moral: Wherein we let others talk a little.

What to say about Janet and friends that has not already been said?

Well, let's look elsewhere. This comment to a post was very much apropos to the point: Is Authoritarian Nationalism Mostly A Rural Phenomenon? Yes, what science do we find with economics? Ah, the FED and its pretense?

I'm not a bumpkin, but I was recently in DC. Oh Lord, it is not the intelligent little place that it was 40 years ago. What the heck happened? Yet,  there are little islands of rationality such as those being managed by old civil servants who remember when there was some notion of class and responsibility.

Now, it's money, money, money (thanks, ABBA).

I'm thinking that we need some type of agrarian resurgence. See this on Quora: Is there an alternative to consumerism to keep economy going?

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