Sunday, March 1, 2015

A pause

Moral: Wherein we let ourselves step back and survey the madness.

Madness? Yes, Yellen flaying the savers and talking abstracted views. But, Ben is the culprit.

We'll get back to the whole thing, technically and otherwise.


Yellen might need to think of the Fed as rusting the economy. The Fed as a corrosive agent? How's that? She, and they, play into the pockets of the big guys. Who are? Those who take from the economy, essentially, without giving proper attention to infrastructure. Ah, arguable points there?

See this article at The Atlantic: Rust never sleeps. We all know that the infrastructure is failing (near-zero, folks - of course, I'll need to get back to that). From the investor side, all they want is their return irregardless of the side-effects (why let this stupidity continue?). Then, we have the looker-forwards (ala the computationally-enhanced maniacs) who expect to be carried by those not of their ilk. Ah, it's cool to be STEM, computer-literate, numerically fluent, etc. But, at the same time, that view forgets the reality that requires attention, care, manual effort, etc. by those who have the wherewithal to do the dirty work (when it could, the social used slaves -- indebted living, with no limit to the indebtedness, is not far above slavery).


Elsewhere, I mentioned that returning the draft would be a good thing (see Epstein in The Atlantic, January, 2015). Not to collect warriors. No, let's have KP and latrine and other duties in the mix. Especially, the favored (coddled) need to have some experience (notion) of where their crap goes once they flush (ah, how did such a class come to be? wait, they have always been here - well, revenge of the nerds has been fun to watch, but it has limits that need to be considered).


Yes, we are prepared to follow up with the proper framework and discussion. How long will this take? We are not on anyone's schedule nor do we accept anyone's deadline. However, motivation is sufficient to bring the new view to light, albeit a little step at a time.

Yellen deals with oodles of bucks and has no regard for those of the little bucks. But, then, who actually cares for other than the 1% (or even a smaller set)? Obama's jaw-boning about financial types having no ethics is one clue of the present situation and what we need to consider (too, see recent article on the five ways that financial types can ruin your retirement - not this guy, except the idiots did spill some trash my way - and I mean idiots of the worse variety).

Did Obama really use the golden rule? We know that on the Wall Street, the thing that is golden is the sacks (as in, golden sacks).

Remarks:  Modified: 03/17/2015

03/01/2015 -- Let's say this: the next downturn will bring back to focus the things that are (and have been) under discussion here. When will that be? Well, the longer it takes, the more we will see the hapless, and those who cannot afford to lose their means, pulled into a no-win state (since Yellen (and her ilk) wants people's money thrown into risky approaches).

03/05/2015 -- Cuban talking lack of liquidity (2000 like). See Remarks 03/05/2015.

03/17/2015 -- Dogs of the Dow: Market Cap table, Most activeBeyond the wildest dream.

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