Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Zero interest rate policy

Moral: Wherein we let Wikipedia do the talking (we have talked enough about flaying) after last time looking at a market manipulation stance.

Sufficient is this cutout from a page: Zero interest rate policy

Zero interest rate policy
courtesy of Wikipedia
Notice the warning sticker about the tone. Per usual, the drive-by sticking had no justification. People raising issues need to explain themselves or their views on the Talk page.

Any action by the Fed to unwind this thing is way overdue.

Remarks:  Modified: 02/11/2015

02/11/2015 -- Source for the list that is on Wikipedia: Barry Ritholtz. See the discussion. One asks why the consumer is leveraged. Oh, really, now. It is because that is the only way to survive, the system allowed such, entrapment that is perpetual is attractive to who want to fleece (move monies from the pockets of the hapless to that of the elite), etc.

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