Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Yellen effect

Moral: Wherein we look at what Yellen brought that might be different. Actually, it's too early to tell, yet.

Yellen is the boss;
she likes slapping savers silly
We can see what's up with this little thing from USAToday. It lists five reasons for the markets (investors, addicts, what have you, ...) feeling coddled. One is that Janet is a continuation of Ben (we'll have to look at that, at some point). Another is that she will keep slapping the savers silly (ah, that ilk, who cares about any "investor" who isn't into risky gaming?). Then, she's the boss; yes, we know that (it's now on her head that millions are being screwed out of their potential earnings - why is this allowed? - so that some "investors" (those who throw tamper tantrums) can continue to play the ca-pital-sino).


Earlier, there was Alan's put (yes, bail out at any time that he deemed necessary). Then, we had Ben's bounce (yes, lifting up to carry the markets when they were too weak to walk [reminder, weak due to excessive partying and screwing around]; then, placing training wheels so that they could continue to play their game of raking in oodles from the pockets of the hapless and of being those who milk the system). Now, we have the Yellen effect (which will be a focus for a long while).

But, big mama Yellen might wake up one of these days (we can only hope). When? After she realizes that she can move from under that cloud of puts offered, for years, by males who wanted to their buddies to dominate finance. At some point in time, she will hear the slaps (torture, really, being done under her reign -you did not know that, Janet?) up besides the heads of the millions of hapless.


We have these little reactions to the FED speak all the time (in fact, be truthful Alan and Ben, is it not downright additive? - such power (people eating out of your hand?)? - it'll be interesting to see how Janet handles that part of the role). So, there is a pop/fizz; then, a few days later, the dope (that which the FED provides to the addicts - what is in the punch bowl, by the way?) wears off.


Oh, for a mature mind that would consider a proper economic model.

Remarks:  Modified: 06/23/2014

02/12/2014 -- Because of Yellen, perhaps, the markets are up. USAToday has a headline (today, let's say): Dow has first 4-day winning streak of 2014. What? Winning? You mean more dupes came into the market. Remember, those who lost from this last drop (bought recently) have not recovered their paper loss. Other than some FED titillation, what was there that would cause anyone to think of "winning" as the proper word? Usually, teams have winning streaks from being better than their opponent in whatever game is being played. How can that concept be used here? Too, those supposed gains are chimeric, to say the least.

06/07/2014 -- The ECB beat Janet to the punch (not to the bowl).

06/23/2014 -- Yellen behind the curve?

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