Thursday, November 14, 2013

Blogs on Janet's inquisition

Moral: Wherein we point to tracings left by those who are following Janet's ordeal.

I haven't paid attention. If I would have a chance to talk to Janet, I would bring up stable value and its usefulness as a concept (especially for those intellectuals who seem to dominate the economic realms - with their beliefs that data-driven is more real than illusive). Perhaps, Ben will learn something ex post facto as King Alan seems to suggest for himself.

Too bad that these lessons learned are not of use before the fact. Things don't look good for Main Street. Some are borrowing to play the market. Others, who were cautious before, are risking now their futures, again. Of course, of those who lost, many have not recovered (and will not recover).


Market Watch mentioned that Janet said that there is not stock bubble. If that is so, Janet, why is there a big void in the pockets of savers? You see, get outside the balloon so that you can see the expanding surface - let me explain.


These are two blogs that I saw mentioned on FB. I'll wait until after the fact to get into more detail

Yes, Janet, and pigs do fly (the stinker that we see now has been aerated more than a Macy balloon by you, Ben, and your ilk). 

as an imperative;
of what, though?
Look, Janet. You guys just hint at a taper (removing the narcotic), and the market goes crazy. Given what we saw then, perhaps the market (as represented by the DOW) ought to be somewhere around 10K.

From whence that added 5K of supposed, value? 

Savers, for one. These have been slapped silly.

Ben's effect is so bad now that U.S. bond holders (remember, savings bonds?) are paying to hold these pieces of patriotic jest. The joke is on those who ante'd during bond campaigns. That is only one of several deleterious effects. 

Anyone at the Fed care? Doesn't seem so as their eyes are on the contentment of the moolah crowd.

These market guys (those who run the game and are the chief players) cannot even go without their training wheels (yet, rake in the bucks?). Of course, that's on the backs of Main Street'rs.


By the way, stable value? I am not mentioning this as a type of fund. No. Just like you, Janet, go home to a stable environment (we would hope), people need similar with their money. There is no such nowadays. Why? Intellectual flim-flam, for one. Computerized conundrums for another (fed by the flim-flam). All around deterioration of any sense of value (intrinsic) that arises from moral thought. Ah, the list is long.

As said five years ago, finance as fiction. What have we learned? 

Remarks:  Modified: 12/29/2013

11/14/2013 -- There seems to be talk about no inflation. Hah! I can point to several aspects of daily life that are more expensive. The Fed guy arguing his data-driven methods is looking at the wrong thing with the wrong color glasses. The main bafflement for me? How can one look at the last year and not say that these market processes are not over-heated (ever heard of Minsky?)? As of now, the energy devoted to maxing out might push things upward yet, but those "earnings" are ill-begotten (so much ponzi/made-off that it would be laughable if it did not have such a harmful effect on the people (regular souls, okay? those who aren't puffing the pipe with whatever Ben put in the thing). Too, the higher it is allowed to go, the further the fall. As some are cautioning, the hurt will be much worse than the last time around. A slight bafflement is how the system allows the turkeys to trash things while pulling everyone else into the mire. A stable approach would isolate the players/gamers to a sandbox (yes, let them crap and clean their own diapers). And, the "stable" about which I am talking is as certain as the sun coming about every morning, clouds or not. The stupidity of the intellectuals? They've been  lured by mathematical chimeras into a corner and cannot (or will not) make the adult stand of admitting their mistake. Meanwhile, the real people abide (it's more than just the age-old issues of lord/serf, feudalism, and such - we're talking maturity - wait, that out of DC and Wall Street?).

11/14/2013 -- Dudley is funny. He's part of the pusher crowd. They are as much to blame as are the junkies (users). Moral banker? Not silly, but nowadays, it would be a rare thing to find.

11/17/2013 -- Last week, one of the politico wags asked Janet why she can't see that the current mode favors the pockets of the elite. Yes, the equity side is getting all of the beans masking over debt, leveraging, and such. Janet, being the trooper that she is, deflects the question by saying that the housing market is better or something like that. Quick on the feet, I suppose. Housing? While millions of savers are being slapped silly?

11/19/2013 -- Not exactly related to Janet following Ben, but it does have nice graphics. Too, it uses casino.

12/29/2013 -- Small change to the question for Janet. Also, this seems to have been a popular post. The chimera continues. Some may wonder why I use the term. Well, what we ought to have is a number based upon what people paid for stock with some reasonable increase. You see, with the current method of spreading the latest price everywhere (talk about density), we have, by definition, a made-off (remember, he -as in Bernard Madoff - replaced Ponzi by several measures) scheme (why is this allowed? - other than to attract the moms and pops who cannot afford to lose their little collection?). ... There was a little hiatus from which we'll be back. Hopefully, Janet's brain will prove to be different than Ben and his predecessors (and, don't cast aspersions this way of any sort related to ill-reputed mindsets- and, please, read the latest reported findings on gender differences in structural matter from which we would expect operationally framed divergences, as well, ...).

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