Thursday, November 24, 2011

Themes and memes

Moral: Wherein we awaken ourselves from deep contemplation of the messes with which we find ourselves faced, economically and otherwise.


And, we do this in time for the Thanksgiving reviews. That is, are we not to be looking at what there is that we can be thankful for?


The related blogs have provided a short look at a couple of items.
  • - We ought to be thankful that we do progress, albeit at a slow pace. Fortunately, we got rid of the royals (oh?) and their influence; too, we don't draw and quarter anymore.
  • - Too, the common man can have some influence via the consumer focus of the modern economy (would not you think?); that is, if there were sufficient pay (the concept of rent applies, somewhat) to support purchasing. As we have seen, indenture'd-ness has been the game given us by the best-and-brightest. They have ensnared almost all countries, and their citizenry, into almost interminable debt burden. Smart, you guys! Anyway, Big Ben continues to stiff the savers (says that he'll do so for some time --- gosh, Ben, you haven't made the savers less thankful, but you sure have tried as you kissed up to the bankers); the local paper says that the banks are reeling in profits (very little lending, though --- strange state of affairs, indeed). So, we are thankful, for some little things, such as the fact that some retailers step up and do it right.

We have had recaps before on several subjects. Probably, another ought to be in order before going forward. As, memes do evolve with our predicaments.


05/01/2012 -- We'll need to talk singularity in the context of Alan. The computer has as many holes as do we; however, we can cut out of the fog. 

12/05/2011 -- We have a new meme. Rather than have/have nots (which is a moral split), we now have 1%-99% (a metrical space); that is, something within which we can maneuver and make decisions (any more meaningful?).

11/29/2011 -- Ah, Big Ben helped his friends more than he said, at the time.

11/25/2011 -- We'll go into the use of theme/meme. Let's, for now, use one example: rank and file.

Modified: 05/01/2012

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