Thursday, January 28, 2010

Consequences vs scare tactics

Moral: Wherein we look at a situation's potential reflection on the ca-pital-sino nature of our economic playing field.


Toyota is having a problem that may revolve around drive by wire. Aviation has been doing 'fly by wire' for some time. But, those systems are scrutinized more than we see with the automobile.

Why is driving taken so slightly? Some concept of a right to drive (we know that is not true from the training manuals)? It's so easy: just gas, steer, brake?

As a regular pedestrian would tell us, the mechanical beasts roaming our streets are becoming more and more mindless since there seems to be a zombie behind the wheel. Too, the vehicle has taken more and more claim for rights of way. Actually, it may be that the pedestrian is deemed an unwanted intrusion, not unlike a bug on the windshield, on some idyllic mindset that is behind the bliss of texting.

Perhaps Toyota will lead the way in the discussions that are needed. We put people behind the wheel, with some type of perceived constitutional right in mind, that they are the king of the road. Oh, perhaps the auto allows the normal person to experience the CEO's state of privilege.

So, what does this have to do with the ca-pital-sino? Well, the apparatus that we've developed for the market is not unlike a vehicle. What type is it? Ah, we could use several types in a description. Buffett has already used WMD (if you need to know, think Iraq) for portions.

Some may be a little putter upon which we've piled a bunch of fat cats. No wonder it's sputtering.

Whatever the type, it can roll (ought we use careen?) along at a high rate of speed without any control. Oh, yes, Big Ben has his little knobs. Are they effective, big guy?

We need to stop the thing and put governors on it along with a bunch of improved sensors and feedback systems. Oh, what we see now with all the tubes and charts and talking heads isn't doing the job?

Those seem to be mainly for glorification, like a NASCAR ad. How much is not under scrutiny? Can anyone tell us a reasonable number for 'value' at any point?

Just like we expect that an auto will use established roads, and follow rules, we need the same for any economic system. That the capitalism, of Adam, has morphed to a maniacal ideology is indicative that we've screwed up somewhere.

How to get back to a better basis is the question.


Now, on scare tactics. The markets are down today. We find ourselves confounded, since both Big Ben and the Pres spoke.

The talking voice, quoting Timmy, on the tube today said, without the bailout, the unemployment would be 25%. Ah, is that so, governor? It's 17% now anyway.

The above use of the drive by wire as a metaphor for the problems that we face with fat cats, and the financial system, is tighter than we would probably allow ourselves to see.

Yet, consequences usually fall to the small guy, such as the cannon fodder of years of old. T'aint necessary.


The NYTimes reviews a funny book about the financial crisis. I.O.U.


01/22/2013 -- USA Today story on settlements. From three years ago, lest we forget.

02/08/2011 -- There was a report today concerning a study on the SUA problem that has been going on quietly. More news will be coming later when the report is technically analyzed.

09/28/2010 -- It nice to see the IEEE weigh in. Notice: sensors galore, drive in the loop, ...

02/08/2010 -- More expert opinion.

02/05/2010 -- Nader's opinion. Also, software and cars. And, what's the quality control? Note this from an expert's look,

02/01/2010 -- Experts on these types of things.

01/29/2010 -- Defense of Toyota.

01/29/2010 -- As said before, there is no reason to knock only Toyota in these regards (look at the long recall lists over the years - Toyota hasn't been there regularly - as well, perhaps Toyota can lead the industry in continual improvement - to more than just the bottom line and the fat cats' pockets). The dbw discussion could just broaden to cover the fact that systems are more complicated and electrically boosted. Note today's Honda recall. There is no need to go through the long list of recalls except, perhaps, to categorize and count. The basis for continuing problem will be embedded logic as its prevalence can only increase due to technology. Who knows what we'll see with the hybrids and electric cares. That's the way it goes, folks, when we deal with our artificial servants.

And, using these little quirks of designed projects as an analogy for the large scope of economics is not far off base. All the gaming that we see financially has been computationally derived from mindsets that are both morally and ethically disadvantaged. Oh, these folks are brilliant and our best and brightest? Give us a break!

01/29/2010 -- Ben was confirmed today for his second term. Perhaps, now that he's not following another, doesn't have to worry about the next time (not for a few years), is independent, and continues to want to do a good job, perhaps he'll raise the rates and listen to the little people, even though the Fed Reserve was set up for the bankers (fat cats, by definition?). This is your chance to set history straight, Ben.

We'll start a new series, soon, that will look at the Fed, its place in history, bankers (can we ever get away from them?), the current situation, how we got here (thanks, Ben, for sleeping), how Ben woke up and panicked early, and much more. Thanks, Congress, we have several years to do this analysis. Looking forward to it.

Modified: 01/22/2013

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