Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Big Ben reigns

Moral: Wherein we look at today's announcement of zero for an unlimited period.


Let's see, the vote was 9-1, so Big Ben has everyone in his pocket, except the Kansas City guy.

Then, the news report says that the market stabilized. What is the market, fellas? As you know, we talking a big chimera here. It cannot, and we can repeat that cannot, build our future.

How is hot air going to rebuild the backbone that has been allowed to erode away? How will the Street (and some of Chicago and others) build anything? They deal mainly with money gaming.

What will fill in the hollowed out status of the American workforce?

Big Ben probably will argue that he's not into the gaming, yet his money is in funds that are related to equities more than not. Since he pushes out bonds, where is the balance?

My dream: a financial heart that pulses while being tended by those who are not there to game, would not even consider this, and who really work for a healthy heart.



Not to descend to a problematic stance, but 'heart' was mentioned above. That metaphor would then see things with a circulatory system flavor. A question comes up: how can you introduce more blood into the system without having serious consequences? Too, if you're not interested in the health of that which flows, essentially the blood cells - money, Big guy, how can you claim to have any care for the system itself?

Look worried, and telling us about your angst at the fat cats' manipulations of the system, does not get you off the hook. You took the job, Big guy. You dropped too fast last year. Now, you're being obstinate in your little theory?

What the heck worse can you make it for Main street? Did your largess to your big bank buddies help the situation, in ways more than generating big bonuses?

Sheesh, you FED guys (Ben is only one of a team - though, he does have more talking rights, evidently - looks to be a classic example of group think), wake up from your ideological sleep.

That brings up another metaphor. There is an alimentary system. You know what it results in. Well, Big Ben, from where I stand, I see more and more being piled up with decisions like this. Also, you are the one who have to shovel the crap. Give us a break! Gosh, big guy, our future generations are in hock.

Too, Obama, what is your state of mind? Not that I expect more than rhetoric tonight. We ought to have nationalized the banks (those of the 'fat cats' that you rhetoric'ed recently) last year, had 1.5%, at least, as a basis, started to clean up the mess, slow down those who want to create gaseous situations (oh, you can do that, look what you did to private aviation), and put us on a more solid footing.

It is not too late.

Tech Ticker interviewee says that the Street is right-winged and thinks that any fiscal stimulus (unless, it's directly to them, of course) is bad. You see, one notion goes this way, if the fat cats are happy with filled pockets, there is a trickle down to the rest. Remember that argument.

Let's look at what happened, in reality. The set of those with huge pockets got small. Granted there were some medium pockets filled. But, the set of those whose pockets collapsed to nothing, or, even worse, who became indentured, grew to a very big proportion. That is trickle down.

Wed that with the chimera, after which Big Ben wants us to run as if it were a train to somewhere, then we have both the way and the mean to continue what trickle down started. Breaking out of the old mold will require some changes, that will be considered drastic to supposedly highly-honored beliefs.

Well, Adam would love to see the experiment. Who said that he was for the fat cats?


03/05/2013 -- Ben reigns, but the savers' faces are bruised from his slapping.

12/13/2012 -- Don't know how long this page will be there, Daily Ticker. But, when I looked, 69% had said 'no' (hurt rather than helped) as to whether Ben has helped.

03/23/2012 -- Ben is doing a series of four lectures on his, and the FED's, role.

01/27/2012 -- Ben will continue to sack the savers; he must love the ca-pital-sino.

11/02/2010 -- Over a year later, the message is the same, except some changes have occurred. But Big Ben continues in his ways. Of real note is that the jobless rate is high; out-housing really set up for that. Also, we need to re-look at that learned from the 'vons' guys, Ludwig and Friedrich. See Near Zero.

01/28/2010 (pm)-- Well, Ben, you got your new term settled. Think that you can pull yourself away from those best and brightest for a bit? Listen to the little guy? You need to raise the rate to, at least, 1.0 so that the saver can have some semblance of respect. Actually, we ought to have that as some type of cultural limit. Sheesh, going to zero for the fat cats! For some reason, you, and your kind, seem to gravitate toward the gaming that goes on unabated in that equity part of the house. It remains a puzzle, and mystery, how all this delusional thinking came about that we ought to have ca-pital-sino as our basis; yes, I know, most go back to Adam, but he's turning over in his grave thinking of the adulterated views pinned on his back. Well, congrats, Ben. Since you will be independent, we can expect you to wisen up? Right?

01/28/2010 (am) -- Markets down. Confounded, since Pres Obama spoke last night. But, Ben, why don't you raise rates? The thing sank despite your announcements. By now, it's almost a moral imperative.

Modified: 03/05/2013

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