Friday, November 27, 2009


Moral: Wherein this group has not been mentioned specifically, yet. So far, we've had posts about Labor, Economists, Quants (these work for the Financiers), Educators, Bankers (who can be confused for Financiers), and Investors.


Perhaps, it is time. We can start, slowly, with a look at related subjects, such as TARP, and then go into other matters. This topic will be more thoroughly covered, as time progresses.
  • See The Baseline Scenario on testimony given to Congress, lately, about TARP. Notice, in particular, the reference to the April, 2009 article in The Atlantic. What is ironic is that some actions being pursued in the US would be frowned upon by the IMF (et al) if it were the action of a developing country.
  • See Wall Street vs America (the Municipal Squeeze) in Business Week (11/30/09). Example. The issue cover had a rampaging bull running amok amongst the people. Their lesson, the Streeters, could be this: you guys aren't any different than the rest of us, except for some type of conscience disadvantage-ment. Somehow, filthy lucre smells wonderfully under your noses.
  • Bookstaber is going with the SEC. Great! Let's get them money guys/gals in line. Or, can we? Rick was a participant but learned an unusual lesson (see prior bullet). He, at least, knows the issues related to computing.
  • Why do these people think that their manipulations (supposedly innovative) help us? (yes, how have the physicist's (quants) helped these bozos?)
  • Roubini on the coming unwinding. The doctor of doom says it right about Fred/Fan.
  • Is this time different? Well, when will we put these players into their own sandbox to isolate their shenanigans from those of us who are more rational?
  • How do economists figure into the mess?
  • How markets fail. Like the concept of 'reality' economics; versus spitting in the wind.
  • Do morals matter? Ah, way so, even beyond concerns relating to homo economicus.
The list is shortened, but the topic will recur.


12/06/2013 -- If only Ben would put a shot across the bow. He's helped the chimera unfold in unhealthy ways. He could, at least, say a mea culpa.

12/10/2009 -- More roles include the consumer and the economy.

11/29/2009 -- Risk and rationality.

Modified: 12/06/2013

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