Friday, August 2, 2019

Muddled mess

Moral: Wherein we finally see the world's platter filling or not; same thing as when we started back in 2009. A new set of nuances to ponder is all.

Two days ago, the Fed lowered the discount rate (interest). By a quarter point, as they say. Which isn't much, but we have been creeping along with that type of raise now for a little bit. After all, we're not at zero any more, but we're also not near the 5.25% (whatever) that was there when Ben started his cuts back in the aughts. He left, and Janet eventually started the upswing.

She never got the tape tantrum. I guess energy runs down after a while. But, we're seeing addicts act up, again. Some say that the Fed has been administering to the patient (IV wise) and finally was getting to toward release. One might say that the training wheels were being taken off the economy. Gosh, late teenagers needing training wheels? What a sight.

Funny thing? Well, the Fed met on Weds, and things (say, the DOW) wobbled up til then and went down right after. It was said (don't you love this little daily - hourly? - rationalizations?) that the 'investors' (gamblers?) we trying to get right with the news. Whatever it is, there is always some type of assessment.

Too, they talk to the 401Kers. Ah, your pot went up or down, blah blah.

Well, there are other factors which we'll not mention now. But, the Fed guy said, essentially, don't get used to this little bit of continuing largess. It's not a series. A mini-tantrum ensued? Wouldn't you think? But, the DOW started up on Thursday then went down. And is down today.

One can expect all weekend, oh, people's poor retirement, it was clobbered this week. As if. The real value was extracted long ago. Funny numbers do not capital make, but we have a long row to hoe there. Continuation of the message from the start in 2009.

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Monday, February 18, 2019

Psychology redone

Moral: Wherein we start over with a newer view and basis.

I just recently came across evolutionary psychiatry through a book review in the WSJ. There will be more on the book, later, however I went to look at the field which is comparatively new. Except, Darwin, himself, suggested that this realization would occur.

So, on a search, I find more books and blogs. One blog started five years ago. The book from which I took this image was published in 2012. So, we're not far behind.

The first chapter was business. Interesting. BTW, this book mentions Freud, briefly, and ignores Jung. Lots of things to look at.

Applied Evolutionary Psychology
Note, credit crunch? Yes, that got my attention. So, we'll be back to this study of the Fed and its ways and means. Lots has happened to review.

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