Friday, March 25, 2016

Computers, their ilk

Moral: Wherein we mention, again, to Janet, that coddling the jerks is not the thing to do.

Ben had his taper tantrum. What do we call how Janet's actions are taken? She appears to have some rational basis. But, not, really. It's a mishmash that is post John Nash, unfortunately.

Yesterday, I was slapped silly, again. Yes, the banks laugh as they don't want small depositors. No, they would rather play the games that Janet is enabling.


Now, one problem is that we all want to see what is rational with regard to computer prowess. We know there are some things that the artificial beast can do better than can we humans. However, winning at Go (see Google's joy) is not to applaud.

After all, all of those Go masters were of an old culture. They embodied the cultural memes, to the extreme. Some little bit of neural equivalents (supposedly) hosted on silicon-embedded circuitry does not even come close to what those human represents.

Will not for a very long time, So, could not have asked for a better Good Friday gift: ranting bot. There will be subsequent analysis after a little time to see the reactions.


Too, on Quora, I saw this. Big-daddy data. Gosh, if only Janet would pull the plug on this mania by raising the rate. Janet, you are coddling moral idiots in their trashing of our economy.

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