Monday, February 29, 2016

Leap Day, 2016

Moral: Wherein we stop to look at the passing of time.

We started this blog in August 2009. So, this will be our second Leap Day. However, it might be interesting to see what was going during each of those earlier times.
    2009 A year into the 4-year cycle. We started out by looking at basics (such as, Money). We also were making use of earlier posts about Ben's panic. One of our most-read posts was titled "Computation, finance, and engineering" and dealt with important issues that are still needful of attention.

    2012 By now, everyone (of rational age) was looking for some remission of low interest. We got our surprise, as Ben unleashed QE (infinity, some said). Then, he did his lectures (which we started to watch real time; but, it is more fun to do it later, with a pause button). 
As said, lots pending more attention. Too, all of this is coherent over time. We'll persist in laying down new tracks as well as spend some effort in pulling together themes, appropriately.

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