Monday, November 30, 2015


Moral: Wherein we look at Quora, briefly.

A question came up: Why does it matter that the Fed hasn't raise interest rates yet?

My answer: Why-does-it-matter-that-the-Fed-hasnt-raised-interest-rates-yet/answer/John-M-Switlik


So much to discuss. The big boys and girls run with their fantasies intact. As in, they shuffle numbers up to their little platform in the cloud (no, not talking the modern theme - it's more like Mick - please get off of my cloud). In doing so, they step on the myriads.

That is my view. Looking up at the idiots. Yes, you people, mathematics does not save you. Not so does computing, either.

Janet is looking at her numbers. Why cannot we get a systems person there rather then one who has been lulled (by the fat cats and their money) into keeping the chimera going?

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