Monday, May 18, 2015

Does it or does it not?

Moral: Wherein we start our own analysis, albeit that we had a big bubble day (with the DOW, et al, hugely inflated from Ben's/Janet's largess).

And the question? Look at this from a recent USA Today article: Despite tumult, stock-market tenets still ring true (which they took from the AZ Republic).

Oh? I am not picking on them. WSJ, too. Everyone was writing due to a report. Which was?

Ibbotson's. This thing that looks at a hypothetical $1 from 1926 or so and carries it forward. Say what? I wrote about that type of thing in March: FED gives Wall Street its wishes.

So, because of this Morningstar report the talking heads say that equity reigns. Why do they say that? Especially, when we look at ca-pital-sino, chimera, etc.?

Three years ago, Waggoner was saying that bonds had beat stock for the past 30 years (USA Today, again). Of course, who saw the bubble (many still do not)?


One reason that there are such large collectors of bucks (and the resulting bifurcation within the populace in terms of pocket size) is that the game is stacked in the favor of the few (to be defined further - the masses have never been able to (in fact, cannot) partake in the growing economy - want to talk take-a-ways, for example?).

How can we show this illusory state? Well, give us time (I know, I don't have eternity). The thing is that most cannot take from the market scenario without there being serious depletion that results in the popping of that which is entailed by the magical multiplier (fictitious capital? know said that?). This needs to be explained in a way that everyone can see the truth of the matter. Now, per usual, there will be sides to the argument. At least, we can expose the "fraudulent" claim that these financial machinations are good for the populace, in general, rather than being mainly for the fat cats.

By the way, this is not to pick on anyone in particular. Did you know that a major brain in the early part of the 20th century said that there is no way to win in these games without insider information and manipulation thereby? Who? Bohr (on funds, and more).

So, how can a just society/economy be built upon this (type of) silly game?

Remarks:  Modified: 06/18/2015

05/20/2015 -- Well, finally, no, it does not. And, most cannot and never have been able to get their hands on that ephemeral bit of stuff that is so important to the fat cats.

06/18/2015 -- We have to see how this insanity got its start. Then, we'll see why most do not get their money (the value is strained out daily by those who run the game). Everyone, it seems, has bought into the game (but, we're not tilting either at an illusion - despite having used chimera).

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