Thursday, April 2, 2015

Good old days?

Moral: Wherein Ben's blog motivates a look back.

Ah, those days when CDs made something. Banks didn't slap you silly.  

A little bit on bonds was in order, too. Since 2008, they have softened quite a bit. That post had this:
    Let's start with a simple example. A set of savings bonds that was bought in the year of 1980 and cashed out in 2010 would have returned 422% based upon the purchase price of the bond. You see, those terms were the norm back in those days when bonds were still being sold under a patriotic guise. As in, every payday, whether you were already doing a payroll deduction for bonds, you would hear a spiel about the need for people working in the United States to buy and uphold the country.
Yes, that is right. Bought in 1980. Cashed out after 30 years with a return over 400%. Not big enough, you say? Oh, bought when the FED was trying to drive down high inflation (which is coming, folks) so not a good example? Ah, so many things to discuss here. 

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