Wednesday, June 11, 2014

That old chimera, the train

Moral: Wherein we consider the train, again.

Train? Yes, we said that there was none such. But, today, someone says that the train is on top of the 17K mountain (DOW flirts with 17k). And, you are not there unless you stayed in stock.

Otherwise, you're back in the muck in the valley.


So, let's, first, look at the use of the train, in this blog (and related).
  • November 6, 2009 -- Back then, the thought was that getting on a "train" and riding on other people's money was not what one needs for a sustainable economy (still true). Now, I will argue about those who like a free lunch; too, though, is the troublesome pursuit of finance after the perpetual motion event (their market). 
  • November 6, 2009 (Truth Engineering) -- Some might have gotten on something and, in doing so, had gains (ill-begotten, in more way than one) to brag about. But, the discussion, below, will look at why gloating is suspect.  
  • November 6, 2009 (7oops7) -- What was behind the gains (see above) then? Who would have thought that Ben would QE us as in screw savers even more than he had done to that date? Of course, a whole lot of system finagling has been done to keep the down-side in control, so can we ever get back to where the proper grounds can be known?   
  • November 7, 2009 -- The train that is at 17K has the fat cat cars, up front, in which most of the value has been sucked. It is at the top, when the other cars can be let loose to fall to perdition, below. 
  • ... and references, thereafter, in other posts
Then, we would have to discuss the fact that all cannot be on top of the mountain, in the train. In fact, the train is on very shaky tracks besides being loaded with cars that have been sucked dry of their value.

Too, as those on the top of the mountain being to sell, it'll start (train and all) to tumble (built on faith).


At some point, near-zero will have to get attention (too, the fact that Ben's largess was required to get to this "inflated" state).

Remarks:  Modified: 06/14/2014

06/14/2014 -- The future is chimeric; actually, our view of the past, given what we know of memory has the same problem. For some reason, if there are mathematics (mis-used, to be explained) and computers involved, then people's mind close up. Ah, yes, the wizards know. Hah! Given the issues, still unresolved, with computation, we ought to shake in our boots as we let technology run rampant. If only we knew. ... So, changed the profile from a "mirage" to a long road to unknowns as those crossing the continent saw in the early days (say, 1800s - and still do). What was ahead (the road was not there, by the way; again, representative of our thinking that we have paved some way)? Daily sight increasingly looming as those people toiled over the landscape - trudging, foot by foot); and, what lies ahead is not known until one gets there. Yet, those unknowns were tamed enough to establish and to cultivate (through long years of work and struggle by determined people - whereas,capitalists want returns from sitting on their expansive arses while others do the work and sweating - sheesh -- and without pay - [for each $200 that is paid for a smart device (supposed - of a certain type), those who do the work, collectively, get $10 - oh, didn't know - all of you smart-device users?]. Never conquered, though. That's one point (our over-estimation of ourselves in terms of handling the future - risk, in some senses).

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