Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Various readings

Moral: Wherein we look at just a little bit of the things read (as in, small sample from a growing set which is diminishing in quality?).


These aren't in any particular order. They do represent something that almost motivated a post. I got as far as plopping them here but did not go far enough to respond. It wasn't until today that I ran across a real motivator: Ben's Put. These others may be of use at some point. Right now, consider them relevant to the theme of this blog.

  • Fed won't halt bond buying in '13 - in other words, according to this author, the Put talked about in the Seeking Alpha commentary doesn't exist or is inconsequential. 
  • Index Universe - saw this referenced in a WSJ article on ETFs. Nice site with lots of good stuff to read. 
  • All the Devils Are Here: The Hidden History of the Financial Crises - first book that I bought in a long time (love virtual books). But, I picked it up from a discounted pile and couldn't put it down. Seems like it'll be a good reference to use when I go back over the posts here which were, basically, motivated by being around a long time, observing, and then watching idiocy unfold, daily. 

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