Thursday, August 23, 2012

Middle class

Moral: Wherein we consider what Ben, and company, has done to a diminishing set.


Which is? The middle class. It's broke, a headline said at Yahoo Finance. Oh, really. The articles quotes a lot of other material, such as Joseph Stiglitz' thoughts on the myth of the American Dream. Too, a nice look at how to fix the economy is referenced.


Let's look at one example of Ben's help in putting the middle class to sleep. His minuscule rate has trashed the savers' little buckets. In fact, those with the smaller amount of funds are paying through the nose to support fat cats.

At the same time, anyone in an older mortgage, who has not refinanced (which can be for any of several reasons -- including a patriotic notion of being an asset, not a liability, to the country's economy) is paying exorbitant amounts into the pockets of the very bankers who caused the downturn and who, in many cases, are probably culprits.


As Ben chases the chimera, the instigators of the problems are running amok again. Losing game, folks?


09/13/2012 -- 21 points at Business Insider.

09/07/2012 -- Ben seems to be making inroads to leaving his mark on our history.

09/04/2012 -- Putting this article here, until I can respond to the 21 points. Essentially, the rich: no morals!, talk about entitlement!, ... We'll have to get back to whether 'richness' is the right measure for success. As in, if you're so smart, why aren't you rich? from five years ago.

Modified: 09/13/2012