Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Illegal or just stupid

Moral: Wherein we look at some modern quandaries.


Without pointing fingers, one has to ask whether it's the idiots who ascend in our modern society? Oh, let's point a couple. There was a headline that got my attention, today. It's a firm that recently went bankrupt. And, just a few days before, the head guy (extreme over-achiever (ah, don't those types just make you sick - barf, barf, ...?), Senator, Governor, etc. probably an Eagle Scout) was telling people that things were okay.

The talk today was about the size of the missing money. Well, it was more than a billion (1 with 9 zeros following). I didn't read the whole thing (too depressing) but saw someone saying that the actions within this company may not have been illegal but that the head guy definitely was not a good manager.

Say what?


Wait! There are those who text and drive and who, thereby, create increasing likelihoods of harming someone, perhaps even themselves. I know; these idiots almost run me over every day as I walk on a sidewalk or in a marked crossing. Business is run like this; that, folks, is what we get from the best and brighest?


We'll forego more than only a few words about this other guy who wants to continue to stiff the savers for another couple years. Gosh. I wonder if he puts on special garb in order to kiss up (worship) that big chimera who plays with him (Sirens).


Then,we're in an election year that is taking unprecedented steps because of bench decisions the past few years. Like someone said, we'll all hold our noses and vote when it's time.


So, back to the title. Someone took a big company to task telling management that they could not drive things solely with rules. You need a proper mental outlook for the workers to follow. It's not like you lay down the code and a dumb machine executes these.

A company needs a spirit and some ethical sense (I'll start to use moral as soon as I work out how the secularist think that this ought to go); management is supposed to bring this out; ah, those guys/gals are after their own rewards, is that not so?


The larger economy has the same issue. Yet, money has become the sole thing of value; all sorts of decisions the past couple of decades have resulted in our current mess almost by definition. Were we all just stupid?


What was the article from a year ago or so? Oh, yes, we'll dumb ourselves down to make our machines look good. Evidently, this applies, as well, to management and leadership. Yes, leaders seem to have the worse case of lead feet; why is that?


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