Sunday, March 19, 2017

Little drips

Moral: Wherein we notice little stirrings.

Back in Ben's time, right after the downturn, he talked green shoots. The Fed had taken water from savers, and the elderly, in order to bring along those profligate ones who caused the downturn. Get 'em back on their feet, so to speak. So, like spring grass, Ben was watching to see if his watering was helping.

Well, back then, we though that he had used up his bullets (arrows?). But, then, Ben, being clever, showed us. And, we now have a Fed with a huge balance sheet.

Oh well. So, we got an increase, lately. Piddly thing. At the same time, the ca-pital-sino is going bonkers. Why not? It's been fed our water for years now. The party, there, continues.

For years now, interest disclosures on Schedule B have been laughable. Well, I have not capitulated, nor will I. But, we'll see the time come when the discussion will be rational, once again.

In the meantime, remember this concept: magical multiplier. Too, know that those who run the games take largely (partly by moving value out from being accessible).

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Thursday, February 23, 2017


Moral: Wherein we prick up our ears.

It has been the same thing since the temper tantrum. Talk a little, listen to the darling addicts, and then keep with the largess. At the same time, mouth soothing words to the little pikes who have been feeding at the trough while Main Street, and normal people, are flayed.

But, now, hints of change? Ah, don't tease us, Janet. You know that this is years old, now.

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Saturday, December 31, 2016

Summary, 2016

Moral: Wherein we show most-read posts.
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Friday, December 30, 2016

Trickle by minuscule drops

Moral: Wherein we celebrate getting a little dew on our heads.

That is about the right analogy, one might think. Or, from another view, for $100, that little quarter coin might buy some penny candy. But, you don't get that nowadays; only a 75-year old mind like this one can recall that.

Meanwhile, the ca-pital-sino rages.

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Friday, December 9, 2016

And, we wait, we wait, ...

Moral: Wherein we wait and wait and ... (wait, we wrote this last month)

So, guess what happened a month ago. Shock for some. There were snowflakes coming about mid-fall, way before winter set in. Things seem to have settled a little. Though, some group has 4M vote on-line to monkey with those who do the voting in the Electoral College. And, that's 12 days away.

So, who knows? Well, Janet ought to. The markets boomed. What gives there? Bubble? You bet. The whole apparatus is faulty. But, the Fed seems to want that.

Savers? We're still getting slapped silly. It's a wonder that we don't have concussion, by this time. But, we do have hard heads and well-tempered brains. Unlike those who are running after data-driven nonsense augmented by sophisticated computational systems.

The Vienna School still does not see any use for the quantification euphoria that we find here.

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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

And, we wait

Moral: Wherein we wait and wait and ...

Today is election day. It's 10 pm, EST. So, we're an hour from CA finishing up.

Who will win? Nowadays, the web allows some nice tracking facilities. That may be seen as progress.

After all, the computer is for the good of all of us. One might think.

Speaking of which, the Fed is into some type of modeling that seems to be oriented to evidence-driven mindsets. Well, philosophically, that has problems. Anyone in the Fed care?

We, the savers, say show the results of the many, many years of being flayed. Why is that not in the equations? Or, is it ignored as mere noise? There are many other negative things that be attributed back to the largess of low interest plus the various easing thoughts and actions.

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Thursday, October 27, 2016


Moral: Wherein we wait.

We don't know what Janet's waiting for. So, we cool our heels, as we have for almost a decade, now.

Gosh. It has been years since anyone made anything on a CD. Oh. That old contraption?

We are supposed to go to the ca-pital-sino and bet our money. If we lost, who would bail us out?

Health insurance premiums are jumping next year. Jumping, as in, at levels we have never seen with CDs. Not even during Reagan's time, when the guy raised the rates up high. We remember those days.

Janet said that they are not political. So, why not do something now, before the election?

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