Sunday, March 19, 2017

Little drips

Moral: Wherein we notice little stirrings.

Back in Ben's time, right after the downturn, he talked green shoots. The Fed had taken water from savers, and the elderly, in order to bring along those profligate ones who caused the downturn. Get 'em back on their feet, so to speak. So, like spring grass, Ben was watching to see if his watering was helping.

Well, back then, we though that he had used up his bullets (arrows?). But, then, Ben, being clever, showed us. And, we now have a Fed with a huge balance sheet.

Oh well. So, we got an increase, lately. Piddly thing. At the same time, the ca-pital-sino is going bonkers. Why not? It's been fed our water for years now. The party, there, continues.

For years now, interest disclosures on Schedule B have been laughable. Well, I have not capitulated, nor will I. But, we'll see the time come when the discussion will be rational, once again.

In the meantime, remember this concept: magical multiplier. Too, know that those who run the games take largely (partly by moving value out from being accessible).

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